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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Volunteer as a Green Messenger

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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Volunteer as a Green Messenger

Latest update from Reading Festival

Volunteer as a Green Messenger at Reading this year!

Volunteer as a Green Messenger

These volunteer positions help work the recycling initiatives throughout the festival. You need to be full of energy, not mind getting your hands dirty and are a passionate recycler. If you don’t have a green bone in your body, don’t bother applying – unless you go and get yourself a crash course on…



15 Responses

  1. Kayleigh Wright says:

    Rachel Shaw saves buyi g a ticket!

  2. Rebecca Faith Carroll says:

    Look Hetty Croke, it’s us! x

  3. Hetty Croke says:

    Oh hey Rebecca Faith Carroll

  4. Michelle Wilson says:


  5. Rachel Shaw says:

    Kayleigh Wright are you joking lol I would be sick XxX

  6. Rachel Seabrook says:

    Serrena Tanna???

  7. Gary Francis Cleland says:

    Does that mean we get in for free then Lora Fretwell lol xx

  8. Jon Hammond says:

    Benjamin Watson-Smith Ollie Froomes Emily Anstee surely working for Biffa we’d be IDEAL candidates?

  9. John Vickers says:

    Tom Dallimore

  10. Tom Dallimore says:

    I’d rather stay at home haha

  11. Stephanie Divito says:

    Tickets are cheaper than PAYING to volunteer to sort recycling where’s the logic and incentive in that!!

  12. Julie Evans says:

    Shall I Charlotte Evans ? X

  13. Kirsty Rockett says:

    Sarah Rhead should have done this

  14. Tom Gardner says:

    Khin Latt Help save Burma’s rainforest & a free ticket 😀

  15. UKCIG - UK Capital Investments Group Caterers says:


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