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Latest update from Reading Festival

Only weekend tickets left now. All DAY tickets have SOLD OUT. Get yours now!


Get your tickets NOW! Weekend and day tickets available.



24 Responses

  1. Tom James says:

    Ben Delahaye

  2. Sam Daw says:

    Adam Farmer

  3. Sarah Clee says:

    Scott Demon Davies I thought this said they were all sold out then! 😮 haha

  4. Danny Foley says:

    Nathan HarperHarper Craig Robinson

  5. Nathan Harper says:

    I’m in Wales but when I get back Sunday I’m gonna order it Danny Davidson

  6. Darren Williamson says:

    Adam Hubbard Pat Page Ward

  7. Darryl Quested says:

    Chris Green looks like you’ll have to come all weekend 😛

  8. Jasleen Dhindsa says:

    Kirsten Sutherland….

  9. Yolaine Campana says:

    Pauline Sarah 🙂

  10. Tom Vance says:

    Declan Boyce Jack Moss come on!

  11. Emily-Alexandra Hathaway says:

    Jayde Shaniqua Yexley Andre-Guillaume Kanyinda

  12. Aidan Bishop says:

    Richard Pearshouse

  13. Isha Little says:

    Need a Saturday ticket if anyone has one for sale?

  14. Richard Pearshouse says:

    Ahhh Aidan Bishop I do wanna right let me talk yo my miss

  15. Aidan Bishop says:

    I will be waiting young Jedi Richard Pearshouse

  16. Aidan Bishop says:

    Richard Pearshouse cancel I got a wedding 22ed :(((

  17. Richard Pearshouse says:

    WTF let down

  18. Leeanne Marie Threader says:

    Lucy Coleman you need to get one!! 🙁

  19. Matthew Webb says:

    Marc Allen

  20. Marc Gregs says:

    Jason Tauntonohhhhhh get one lol

  21. Paul Clark says:

    Ben Ess Gillian Green hurry hurry keen campers

  22. Harry Keen says:

    Thomas Regi Rowley

  23. Liam Holmes says:

    Remember when Reading had good bands, was affordable and sold out within 30 minutes

  24. Chris Fox says:

    Can’t fucking believe it that people are now snubbing the weekend or have they really so you can push the sale on the weekend tickets? Never the less i have mine booked

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