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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Reading Festival 2014 – Seetickets.com

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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Reading Festival 2014 – Seetickets.com

Latest update from Reading Festival

With just 10 weeks to go until the gates open for Reading and Leeds 2014, Saturday Day Tickets for Reading are now sold out!

There are now only limited Friday, Sunday and Weekend tickets left, buy now to avoid disappointment: http://po.st/R14Tix

Reading Festival 2014 – Seetickets.com

Tour dates and tickets for Reading Festival 2014 on Seetickets.com



25 Responses

  1. Callum Hewitt says:

    How did Sunday not sell out first?!

  2. Ryan Armstorm says:

    thanks for advising all weekend ticket holders to avoid the main stage on saturday! 🙂

  3. Lem Boch says:

    I’m selling my 3-days pass for Reading! Contact Me

  4. George Grady says:

    Liam Guthrie

  5. Charlotte Venn says:

    James Westwood

  6. Josh Spence says:

    Josh Bagley get booking

  7. Tom Casey says:

    Alex Baker-Scott hurry up

  8. Adam Sipthorpe says:

    Josh Kinnersley they are running out!

  9. Nat Marshall says:

    Anyone selling early bird message me

  10. Peter Johnson says:

    Touts suck ass

  11. Claire Finbow says:

    Owen – we should get buying!

  12. Peter Johnson says:

    Profiteering cunts

  13. Stephanie Farrow says:

    Melissa Conquest Erm…. 10 weeks.what!!!??

  14. Melissa Conquest says:

    Stephanie Farrow shitinell

  15. Damien Gamwell says:

    Wayne Goldie Luke Marley Mac

  16. Lucas Parizotto says:

    Kaue Parizotto Steffan Duarte

  17. Yasmin Roberts says:

    Carmi Coles-Cassin Amy Wilkinson Steph Ashford 10 weeks!!

  18. Sally Louise says:

    George Shaw

  19. Lauren Alice Jackson says:

    Andy Jackson!!!

  20. Myles Sweeney says:

    Jack Ravan Gary Durie

  21. James Westwood says:

    Nathan John

  22. Lee Stacey says:

    Worst lineup in years! No thanks.

  23. Sam Cowie says:

    James Mannion get buying

  24. Shane Khan says:

    Luke Froom

  25. Becca Ford says:

    Harriet Jessop

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