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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Kasabian headlining Reading Festival 2012…

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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Kasabian headlining Reading Festival 2012…

Latest update from Reading Festival

Kasabian headlining Reading Festival 2012



25 Responses

  1. Ollie Eyres-betts says:

    Pahaha remember this Jordan Stoner πŸ˜‰

  2. Matt Kent says:

    Jordan Rush Morgan Page

  3. Peter Langhelt says:

    This was incredible. One of the best things I have ever seen. Only topped by the Foo’s the very next day!

  4. Matt Banks says:

    Was a great set, tarnished only by the random guy who got his knob out while moshing to velociraptor.

  5. Jordan Stoner says:

    Ollie Halfpint Eyres-betts of course

  6. Jay Bennett says:


  7. Rich Haywood says:

    Adam Brennan Lee Skittlethorpe Keith Newman

  8. Mel Cobb says:


  9. Rachel C Williams says:

    Jessica Syposz

  10. Chloe McGlynn says:

    ZΓΆe Grain

  11. Alice Reville says:

    Kieren this is what you missed as you were a drunk mess πŸ˜‰

  12. Sam Halliday says:

    …and it shows the reason I don’t go to Reading anymore. It’s full of kids on each others shoulders, trying to get on TV, which blocks my view. It never used to be a problem!

  13. Holly Toner says:

    Matilda Perez Ben Glennie the fire dancing hahaha

  14. Max Rudy Norwell says:

    Reading trying to remind people that they can, too, host big bands just before Glasto :p

  15. Dean Austen says:

    Reading 2014 queens of the stoneage enough said

  16. Chris Newman says:

    Needs a early entry pass. Will pay. More than face value

  17. Mikey Barrow says:

    Kaylee Barrow

  18. Kim Hughes says:

    Loved it.. πŸ™‚

  19. Rich Mark Lewis says:

    Watched 20 mins then went to bed instead

  20. Harry Smith says:

    There’d better be lasers in the dance tent this year

  21. Luke Hill says:

    Seeing them in Amsterdam in November, can’t wait!!!

  22. Mark Gwyther says:

    I Fucking Hate Kasabian.

  23. Mark Gwyther says:


  24. Nathan Dyas says:

    That was amazing!

  25. Lewis Voss-Hillier says:

    Matt Biddle Michael Salvidge be us but at V festival haha

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