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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: It’s getting closer and closer.

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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: It’s getting closer and closer.

Latest update from Reading Festival

It’s getting closer and closer.



25 Responses

  1. Emily Harrison says:

    Aaron Hyde! <3

  2. Shannon Brazier says:

    Katie Stephenson Amy Stevens

  3. Abraham E. Córdova Bazán says:

    Henry Souza Adrian Lopez Zacarias vamos homes

  4. Scott Parsons says:

    Owen RobertsonJordan ManSam Roberts

  5. Rhomy Sackett says:

    Ellie Ward-Webb Lucy Blomfield

  6. Joe Woodington says:

    Nick Moxham Craig Britton James Head

  7. Sara Heaney Dallat says:

    Simone Warren Niamh Harrington

  8. Emelie Behrmann says:

    Emma Johansson ♥

  9. Rachel Grantham says:

    Mick Barnard

  10. Kirstie-Ann Little says:

    Have a ticket to sell but don’t want to sell until its delivered as asked for deposit so wasnt let down at the last minute and someone thought it meant i was a ticket tout. Lol. So have ticket just dont want to promise it to someone then get let down last minute then not be able to sell it. Decided not to go as lineups a poor for me but keep me in mind as ill have a ticket in hhand once delivered

  11. Simoné Louise Warren says:

    Sara Heaney Dallat excited!

  12. Johannes Amlacha says:

    Daniel Tisch

  13. Chloe Muir says:

    Dan Edwards

  14. Hannah Darby says:

    Bryony Jane Cuff Olly Harper Tom Lloyd

  15. Sarah Coughlan says:

    Laura Newton

  16. Shaun Hodby says:

    Matt Rands Phil Shire Mike Hedges

  17. Zoë Guyatt says:

    Camilla Till Gemma Williams!!!! 😀

  18. Nick Fogwill says:

    Kirstie-Ann Little , please check your other messages , tia

  19. Stephanie Ramirez says:

    Ollie Frank Bartell

  20. Lucy Rose says:

    Liam Newens

  21. Chris Newman says:

    Desperate for an early entry pass. Money waiting

  22. Emma Harrison says:

    Katy Moger Mollie BrittonLauren Jones 😱😄😄😄

  23. Ceri Lewys Craddock says:

    Jess Manners

  24. Sophie Randall says:

    Beth Prior oh my god xD

  25. Zoe Hale says:

    Lauren Hurlow Millie Spiers Amanda House

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