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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Have you started preparing for Reading yet? …

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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Have you started preparing for Reading yet? …

Latest update from Reading Festival

Have you started preparing for Reading yet?
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25 Responses

  1. Natasha Mills says:

    Lynsey Conio Kate Walklett Sean Scard Ray Mills

  2. Briony Q Adams says:

    Charlotte Johnson OIOI

  3. Melissa Conquest says:

    Stephanie Farrow

  4. Luis A. Gasca says:

    Marina Cabezas dignvdfkbnvfkdb

  5. John GD says:

    Katie-Scarlett Graley

  6. Myles Sweeney says:

    When does the food price list come up need to budget money

  7. Maria Vaughan says:

    Donna Strong

  8. Kate Wood says:

    Dan Woolway
    Lee Dixon
    Jo Jo Wickens & Scott
    Are we going peeps ? Xx

  9. Mandy McDonald says:

    Colin Peter Mcdonald 👌👌👌

  10. Dan Woolway says:

    I’m on it Kate Wood just need to book the day off xx

  11. Chloe Reid says:

    Em Stacey Kate Gentry Katy Fox fack

  12. Goward Myles says:

    Siobhan Noble looks good right 🙁

  13. Sherry Ch says:

    Nyc lolxxxxxx. M coming there

  14. Carla Saunders says:

    Can’t wait to be there woohoo

  15. Sam Edgell says:

    Could go abroad with the money I spend there yearly. Must be in the £700 range, not worth it, especially as the line up blows again.

  16. Christopher Hicks says:

    Jake Fox 64 days mate 😀

  17. Daniel Mackie says:

    Has anyone got any tickets for sale ?

  18. Lewis Webb says:

    I prepared a few weeks back and sold my tickets..

  19. Dean Bannister says:

    i still need to get a Tent 🙂

  20. Arne Grimonprez says:

    Sander Develtere, Alexander Baert, Aaron D’Haene, Pieter Vandenbroucke mmbaja!

  21. Emily Martin says:

    Charlie Darby

  22. Andrew Burley says:

    No all i have is a pop tent and thats it to be fair its still 1 month and half away so no rush

  23. James Brown says:

    Nah, last minute as always

  24. Peter Johnson says:

    Rat Pouch

  25. Aidan Bishop says:

    Richard Pearshouse

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