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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Accommodation Packages

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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Accommodation Packages

Latest update from Reading Festival

We have a wide range of accommodation options from pre-pitched tents to hotel rooms available for this year’s festival but hurry they’re going to sell out soon. http://po.st/ReadingAccom

Accommodation Packages

Pink Moon Tents or Tipis



25 Responses

  1. James Shillingford says:

    You no a festival has gone down hill when advertising hotels and posh camping, it used to be a rock festival.

  2. Elizabeth Cornes says:

    Lauren Bennett

  3. Jay Brown says:

    £20 tent from Argos = sorted

  4. Vienna Maria Smith says:

    Tim Folley

  5. Lee Morris says:

    What a rip off! I will carry a spare tent and the pleasure of my company as a neighbour = )

  6. Ieuan Buck says:

    Caitlin Buck and Lorraine Tozeland

  7. Claire Céméli says:

    Sølène AMEN MA FILLE

  8. Abbie Caston says:

    Shakeerah Chowdhary-Bell

  9. Emmie McGee says:

    Neelam Hardwarsingh hahaha we should

  10. Caitlin Buck says:

    If you pay for them I’ll happily stay in one.

  11. Emmie McGee says:

    Neelam Hardwarsingh RIGHT?! ridiculous

  12. Nadine Sivyer says:

    Naomi Murray Emily Schacher Mitchell Cribb Josh Stephens what are we doing or accomodation!??

  13. Rebecca Carter says:

    Hayley Peck

  14. Samuel Weaver says:

    Dan Roots

  15. Andrew Burley says:

    I’m good thanks going old school and got a cheap two man tent for £20

  16. Sam Canfield says:

    Whats the point on having a festival weekend ticket if you stay in a hotel?

  17. Riki Aitkin says:

    So instead of spending money on decent toilets for the whole festival site or ensuring toilets are cleaned or manned regularly you charge 200+ for a ticket then advertise packages which include decent toilets at an extra cost. What a bunch of bastards.

  18. Riccardo Albiero says:

    Dobbiamo organizzarci Ilaria 🙁

  19. Dena Kaplan says:

    Belle Hermione we gotsa get organized

  20. Ryan Worton says:

    Jack Roche

  21. Rhodri Lewis says:

    Rhian Jervis

  22. UKCIG - UK Capital Investments Group Caterers says:


  23. Jamesy Purdie says:

    Lewis Friend Dale Noah Robinson Tom Creber … Wow mind blown

  24. PJ Bishop says:

    whats wrong with a binbag, a couple of sticks and some sellotape?

  25. Marilyn Carter says:

    Reading Festival Accomodation. Funky apartments, rooms and houses available to musicians and festival goers. Chill out and party rooms available. Local to festival site and already quality assured for standard. Private message for details. Whatever your needs a festival fairy will help.

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