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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: 70 days until we open this pit up m/

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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: 70 days until we open this pit up m/

Latest update from Reading Festival

70 days until we open this pit up m/



24 Responses

  1. Karl Lincoln Lucas says:

    What Slaves is that? No way is that Jonny Craig’s Slaves?

  2. Melissa Conquest says:

    Stephanie Farrow!!!!

  3. Chris Daniela Thomas Díaz says:

    I need a time chart for these!

  4. Will Robinson says:

    The Wonder Years! fuck yeah!

  5. Charlie Lewis says:

    Alex Barry

  6. Jasleen Dhindsa says:

    Kirsten Sutherland OMG WE HAVE TO SEE LETLIVE OKAY AND OMM AND MARMOZETS and Brody Dalle is we have time and The Skints I think you’d like them

  7. Dillon Zeb Colivet says:

    So hyped for Eagulls but really hope they don’t clash with Warpaint 🙁

  8. Lucie Barlow says:

    Joe Lucie Prescott 😉 xx

  9. Ben Sutherland says:


  10. Melina Wright says:

    Jayy Hindley

  11. Hannah Hulbert says:

    Mimi Fussell the skints !!

  12. Phoebe O'Brien says:

    Matt Morrison Emma Grant Tom Nelson

  13. Nathan McLaren-Stewart says:

    Basement are gonna be smashing.

  14. Chara Kritikos says:


  15. Jon Jericho says:

    Mostly to all cobblers.

  16. Tom Lansley says:

    When are the timings out?

  17. Josh Thomson says:

    Poor line up 🙁

  18. Adam Walford says:

    Jake Pemberton George Rusty Russell

  19. Olly Willers says:

    Architects, the wonder years and of course, of mice and men, can’t fucking wait

  20. Brian Houghton says:

    But, but, but…Gallows ?

  21. Ross Anthony Huegdon says:

    Can’t wait for the Saturday! The Pit looks insane 😀 also I swear the guy in the photo is in the System of a Down highlights from last year. Someone needs to tell him! Lol

  22. Emily Pilbeam says:

    MONGOL HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tanaka Magwa says:


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