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Latest update from Reading Festival

11 Weeks



25 Responses

  1. Chelsea Codd says:

    Boo Owen

  2. Kenny Hicks says:

    Carlene Homer

  3. Jack Toresen says:

    I’m still waiting for Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana…

  4. Jazz Cooley says:

    Yes please

  5. Ella Holland says:

    Emma Booker !

  6. Christi Reynolds says:

    Sarah Martin Joe Simpson

  7. Josh Pearce says:

    Leia Mills Billy Ready

  8. Jessie Edwards says:

    Demi Cook 11 weeks :O

  9. Ryan Minns says:

    Liam Pickin James Gale

  10. Sam Wilson says:

    Donwnloads next week?

  11. Mathew Lailey says:

    Kimberley Blackall x

  12. Holly Jean Bishop says:

    Sophie Cashman

  13. Myles Sweeney says:

    Going to be the best 21st anyone has ever had can’t wait

  14. Donny Short says:

    Melanie Grassley Will Rice James Wright!!!!!

  15. Vicky Hollyhead says:

    Sophia Wixey

  16. Boo Owen says:

    Eeeekkkk Chelsea Codd

  17. Finton Hurst says:

    Theo Groothuizen-Kirk Jacobs Bagshaw

  18. Adam Walford says:

    Jake Pemberton George Rusty Russell

  19. Scarlett Giannakou says:

    Scott Coleman maaaate

  20. Genevieve Rose McCarthy says:

    Jodie Coulson Sophie Phillips how is it only 11 weeks away- that’s mad!

  21. Rosie Alloway says:

    Kellie Biggs Tiffany Amber Hunt Nicole Hunt

  22. Lucy Maitland says:

    Ally Guppy

  23. Chris Cairns says:

    Amy Grant

  24. Gavin Healy says:

    I’m selling a full weekend ticket. Private message me if anyone wants a cheap ticket

  25. Lauren Louise Taylor says:

    Franky Grant Rebecca Jane Humphrey Georgie Oldfield Lauren Louise Taylor Elisha Jade Lamb Bradley Playfair Simmons Paul Cockburn Danny Joe Dicker Daniel Merritt 🙂 !!!!

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