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Reading Festival blues?…

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Reading Festival blues?…

Reading Festival blues?

Tickets for Reading 2015 are now on sale at 2014 prices (£213) for a limited time only: http://po.st/RandL2015tickets



24 Responses

  1. Macaully Eveleigh says:

    Allready got it havent we Kerry Eveleigh and Myles Eveleigh! ❤️🎤☀️😎

  2. Connor Llewellyn says:

    RHCP next year please, and Weezer, their new album is something amazing.

  3. Ashley Savage says:

    Adam Skinner what do ya reckon bud

  4. Wayne Goldie says:

    Damien Gamwell John Dolan Luke Marley Mac Daryl Ktm Kingscott

  5. Adam Skinner says:

    Hell yes mate, had a great time this year. Foo fighters and slipknot to headline please

  6. Duncan Mummery says:


  7. Connor Jenkins says:

    Ryal, Ross. (Y)

  8. Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman says:

    I need to be there. Pronto.

  9. Sam Wilson says:

    Got to be Slipknot

  10. Miles Blackburn says:

    Letlive 🙂

  11. Rachael Anne Penny says:

    Charlie Hornshaw Josh Head ?

  12. Clark James Heron says:

    The killers next year please, and the dance tent as good as it was this year!

  13. Kelly Louise says:

    Launz Launz

  14. Lucy Ling says:

    Molly Broxton

  15. Victoria Buxton says:

    Mark Bütcher

  16. Conor McKay says:

    Marcus Shaw James MckeanSeb Gundry Patrick Shortt Rikesh Modi Max Chappell Edward Fairey

  17. Rebecca Kenneally says:

    Sami Sulaiman the temptation hurts xxxx

  18. Ryan Kerslake says:

    Chelsea Lentell 😱

  19. Phil Collins-Dodd says:

    You guys doing the £50 scheme again?

  20. Rosanna Suliani says:

    Maria Patricelli Wright

  21. Chloe Muir says:

    Janie Muir beg you!! #examsfinish!!!!

  22. Persia Honar says:

    Annabelle Mary-Jane Beaumont

  23. Pat Richomme says:

    I didn’t know that was what you paid Ria! xx But well worth it I know x

  24. Liane Kitt says:

    I’m assuming he will be headlining as it’s now a full blown kids fest, so after 3 years it’s time for a change of festival for me!

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