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Reading Festival 2015 at Richfield Avenue, Reading

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Reading Festival 2015 at Richfield Avenue, Reading

This weekend is your last chance to get tickets for next year at 2014 prices. http://po.st/Reading15Tix14Prices

Reading Festival 2015 at Richfield Avenue, Reading

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16 Responses

  1. Owen Langstone says:

    Bring back the rock, get a decent lineup and ill consider going

  2. Phil Williams says:

    How about not hiking the prices every sodding year?

  3. Lyle Clarke says:

    Wanna hear decent music on the radio? Check us out. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=497662387037724

  4. Ollie Watson says:

    Max Palmer Brad Grist Jack Searle anyone up for it?

  5. Ryan Dent says:

    When’s the lineup coming out? Anyone?!

  6. Miia-Linda Kuronen says:


  7. Adele Hiltunen says:

    God damn it ne vissi nostaa hintoja joka vuosi??? Miia-Linda jaa vissi pitää olla masseisa sitte 2015

  8. Adele Hiltunen says:

    Tru xD Miia-Linda Kuronen

  9. Adam Rooke says:

    Photo is not from Reading.

  10. Vince Chapman says:

    Owen Langstone Reading is and alternative festival you fucktard

  11. Vince Chapman says:


  12. Tiffany Childs says:

    Damn it Leanne Horan we gonna miss out on cheap tickets :/

  13. Debbie Reilly says:

    Jade 🙂

  14. Georgia Poole says:

    Maisey Twomey
    Tilly Goddard
    Ellie Simpson

  15. Lucy Ling says:

    Molly Broxton we getting tickets 🙈

  16. Molly Broxton says:

    Lucy Ling course we are

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