All Tickets are now *SOLD OUT*

Tickets still available for Leeds Festival:

Line up: All Tickets are now *SOLD OUT*

Tickets still available for @[345404387254:274:Leeds Festival]:

Line up:

43,798 people went




  1. Literally every top comment on a Reading post for the next 51 weeks:

    “What happened to this festival? I went for the first time when I was [*number under 18*] and [*band popular among 18 year olds at the time*] were playing. Now I look and it’s just a bunch of under-18s listening to crappy [*band currently popular among 18 year olds*]. I swear, [*Insert less-popular festival name here*] is much better because [*ageing metal band*] and [*unknown younger metal band*] are playing. ENJOY YOUR LAME FESTIVAL BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL LAME.”

  2. I went wen I was under 18…. and the bands there were relevant for any age. Now I’m 25 I feel about 50 going to reading. Maybe if I resit my GCSE’S and manage to convince mummy and daddy I will study hard and become a doctor, i can go and drink a smirnoff ice at reading and ‘mosh’ to Jimmy eat world


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