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We have tried to nail down what we think are the 10 greatest Ramblin’ Man sets over the past three years of the Fair. Do you agree or do you have your own personal favourite set? If so let us know in the comments section below


10 Of The Greatest Ramblin’ Man Sets So Far | Ramblin’ Man

Looking back over three years of the country’s greatest rock festival Has it really been over three years since the very first Ramblin’ Man Fair? Scarily, yes it has. During that time, more than 120 artists have graced the festival’s multiple stages, making it tricky to boil it down to the ve….

Ramblin’ Man Fair



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2 days ago

Ramblin' Man Fair

The Friday night before Ramblin' Man 2018 we are proud to present 'Friday Live' at the Maidstone Leisure Centre with Therapy Kris Barras Band and THOMAS WYNN & THE BELIEVERS

Tickets £12.50 plus booking fee
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The Friday night before Ramblin Man 2018 we are proud to present Friday Live at the Maidstone Leisure Centre with  Therapy Kris Barras Band and THOMAS WYNN & THE BELIEVERS

Tickets £12.50 plus booking fee


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Just bought and ticket states 30th May! ????? Waiting on a reply now but that's a bargain.

Why do tickets say it's on Wed 30th May ???

This really annoys me . They did it last year with Saxon by adding another date then shafting you for another booking fee . Sort it in one go so we can pay for it in one go . Even if you don’t know the fine details

I got too excited too quick. Then I saw the 18+ rule and, as I’m taking my 15yr old son, that’s a no-go. Why the heck 18+?

can you set up tent on Friday then if you buy ticket for Friday night as I've brought weekend ticket?? take it Friday is not included ??

Glen Seccombe, Gary Seccombe,Gordon Ross, worth a punt

Fantastic line-up for a warm up gig before the main event. Top, top work Ramblin’ Man Team. I shall be there! 🤘🏻🎸

Holly - additional Kris Barras... for you?

Julie Hewitt Michael Bayliss - or we just going down the pub?

Pat? Something to do for €12.50?

Does this mean we can camp on site on the Friday ?

again the negative comments start! they add bits and pieces on to make the whole weekend an occasion and add to the buzz, if you dont want to go dont.and its always a cool vibe in town friday nite!

Kirsty Louise.... Do you want to go to this???

Should be a good warm up gig

Again nothing compared to the Friday of last year! SO glad I didn't get early bird tickets!

That's a steal - may have to change my flight now!

Ticket booked! 🤘🏻🎸

Done... 14 quid?... Bargain!

Awesome news 😎

Webby Webster x


Matt Tony Amy

Barry Smith

Ian Cook Karen Ponte

Paul Turpin

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  1. As a massive Snake fan I would say it was a poor show, not the greatest hits most would want. Black Stone Cherry and Kentucky Headhunters were fantastic and should be included.

  2. Agree about Black stone cherry. They were awesome. As were the dead Daisies and Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown.

    As a lifelong Coverdale fan I was gutted. He was dire and needs to let go gracefully. Spoilt a lot of memories for me 😓

  3. I was there for the first two Fairs and the stand outs for me were, in no particular order, Scorpions, inglorious, Rival Sons, Temperance Movement, Blues Pills, Europe, Saxon “The Thin Lizzy Tribute 😉😉” and surprises for me Blue oyster cult and Marillion.

  4. Black Star Riders, 2017 in the driving rain… set so far. ZZ Top were also awesome.
    Somehow I don’t think Mott The Hoople will be troubling any of the top 10 this year!

  5. The set that really stood out for me: Bernie Marsden; Procol Harum; Tyler Bryant; Danny Bryant; Temperance Movement; Rival Sons; Anna Phoebe; Hogjaw; Airbourne; Kyle Gass Band; Von Hertzon Brothers; Aaron Keylock; Gregg Allman, Europe; Saxon; Tax The Heat, BOC; Uriah Heep; Blues Pills

  6. I’ve been to every RM and whilst I agree with most of your selections my list would also include: Blues Pills 2015
    Blue Oyster Cult 2015
    Hogjaw 2016
    Whiskey Myers 2016
    Frost 2016
    Kentucky Headhunters 2016
    Pat McManus 2016
    Black Stone Cherry 2016
    Massive Wagons 2016
    Jared James Nichols 2017
    Dirty Thrills 2017
    Ghoultown 2017
    Jack J Hutchinson 2017
    Big Boy Bloater 2017
    Devin Townsend Project 2017
    Supersonic Blues Machine 2017

  7. I’ve been every year and although not the greatest Saxon fan I thought they delivered the best show of the lot with their 2017 performance. They just enjoyed themselves and you could see they were chuffed to be headlining. A top notch show where they gave the fans their classic songs. Superb.

  8. Scorpions for me have been the best set on the main stage of all 3 RMFs so far. In the blues tent it has to be Mick Ralph’s Blues Band and Bernie Marsden with Neil Murray – Bernie’s voice is now far superior to Coverdale’s and that is coming from someone who loves Whitesnake and Coverdale

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