In a frenzy of strobe lighting the increasingly introspective and enigmatic Radiohead delivered a tour de force in understated pomp and circumstance as they brought Friday night’s Pyramid Stage to a close at Glastonbury 2017.

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1 week ago


Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack to Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, Phantom Thread, is now available digitally! The CD is due February 9, vinyl April 21.

Hear it today:
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Why don't directors use non rich struggling composers for their films instead of giving even more money to musicians that are well off already. Greenwood is good but he's not amazing and I'm sure someone who hat something to prove could piss over his scores. Same with Zimmer, Desplat and Manny others....

Bon, d'accord. Mais va-t-il mettre à la vente la superbe BO qu'il a composé pour "A beautiful Day"/ "You were never really here" de Lynne Ramsay ?

It's a beaut. Greenwood needs that Oscar.

I haven't listened to it yet, but if it's by Jonny Greenwood then it's gonna be good.

Sounds chaotically great!!!!

Been listening to it nonstop. Jonny truly is one of the greats. See you in April!

I hear echoes of scores by David Raksin, Max Steiner, Elmer Bernstein, Gabriel Yared. A beauty, Jonny!

Faster jonny

Probably my favorite score ever

Rachel Cassar shiiiiit girl tuck in

sorry for my caps.... but: WHERE CAN I BUY THE TRACK "OCEAN (BLOOM)" WITH HANS ZIMMER FOR THE BBC SERIE BLUE PLANET II Please help, i need that song 24/7... Cheers

Ye just rushing to Red Eye to buy the vinyl mate!...

Que pedazo de músico toda una verdadera eminencia q buena Honda disfrutarlo en su tiempo i que nos siga dando tanto i x mucho tiempo mas

It's on Tidal, I'll have a listen.

I like this. I really, really like this.


Great news! Jonny is truly genius. 😀

Vedant Kumar seems like your favorite and my favorite are having a collaboration.

Que lindo OST. Una genialidad con todas sus letras <3


This is amazing. ❤

aeeeee Gustavo Elgen...o cara é workaholic.nao para

Just ordered mine...can't wait

Great Band!

Diego Gael. Soundtrack a cargo de Greenwood.

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2 months ago


Radiohead will be playing some festival dates in South America in April 2018.

Tickets for Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo go on sale on 20th December. Tickets for all other dates are on sale now:
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"British rock band Radiohead rejected calls to cancel its concert in Tel Aviv earlier this year." I wish you would reconsider. Violating a grassroots, People's movement aimed at ending the oppression of the Palestinian people through nonviolent means is making a clear statement to your fans, of which I was one, until I learned this. Agreeing to play in Israel at this time demonstrates that you care more about personal profit than you do about the lives and well- being of the oppressed people who are living under occupation and at the other end of the guns of the Israeli/US military industrial complex. You are siding with those in power over those with no power. "In the struggle between oppressed and oppressor, those who remain neutral side with the oppressor." - Paulo Freire

Just commenting to say how shitty you are for what’s going on with Lana Del Rey and how pathetically greedy and ignorant you guys are. Sorry you feel Lana was influenced by one of your shittiest songs. If it were even true, you should feel grateful. 🙂

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Wow can’t believe this bullshit you are giving to Lana. #1, the songs are hardly similar at all. If you compared every song ever written, isn’t it likely you’d find some that have similar chords? Like wtf. #2, what the hell makes you think you’d get 100%?! Lmfao. I mean, hell, she’s generous enough to offer 40%. Then your greedy brokeass wants to take her to court for it? How appalling. And I love the fact that you copied the a song to right the bullshit shiny you’re accusing Lana of stealing?! What balls.

Creep and Get free aren’t even the same caliber! I was in 4th grade when you released creep and even then I knew it was a shitty song! Love Get free and I can honestly say Creep never even came to mind while listening to it. It’s sad you guys want to try and make a buck off of something that is totally unwarranted.

I had so much respect for Lana but you deserve to be punished when you steal 🙂 don't fuck with art! How dare any of you protect such a sleazy and disgraceful act. She needs to pay!

I just want to say that I am incredibly disappointed with your treatment of Lana Del Rey. I would feel more sympathetic towards your efforts if you had a history of musical originality, but you filed a lawsuit against an innocent artist over alleged malpractices that you yourselves have committed in the past. Lucky for Lana, Get Free will remain at the top of my most played.

Why are you not saying anything about the lawsuit? I can see how you can get intimidated by Lana's hardcore fans and maybe you think that you shouldn't say anything so it wouldn't be used against you, I don't know, but this case is already against you, you made it that way. Creep was always one of those anthems for everyone who felt different, undermined and disrespected. But now, it just became a song for the negative creeps who can't get past themselves, and past what the song is talking about. Lana's song, on the other hand, is about the contrary, it's a positive song about breaking free and respecting yourself. If all ends fair and square, Lana will Get Free from the Creep.

how much hypocrite you are ! go to hell loosers! You are flopping and you need to acuse a talented artist like Lana to get money, you all good for nothing trying to have money from others!

Don't bother. My favourite band for the last twenty odd years but at Old Trafford in Manchester this year I could neither see them or hear them. And the ticket cost £70. I left after thirty minutes and went to the pub instead.

Any plans for Monterrey 🇲🇽 MX? We have carnita asada

These Lana de Rey fans. 😂 In case you did not know, Radiohead hates "Creep", they barely play it live. The band probably doesn't know about this "Get free copied Creep" thing. It's the lawyers, even Lana del Rey said it in her post. As a big radiohead fan, this doesn't even makes sense to me, it's well known in the fan base, they hate this song, I would never expect from them to sue someone for this and I don't think they are greedy, they even did an album that the fans would pay any price to get it.

How about North America? East coast? NJ/NY? I’ll even take a private concert in my backyard. Anything. I need to see these guys before I die!

radiohead steal from the hollies and then try to sue someone over the song they stole. pretty sleazy but what else do we really expect from a band that supports land theft. is it a law that says that radiohead have to prove to the world that they are amoral garbage every single day?

So let me get this straight, the song "Creep" the same song that "The Hollies" settled with you guys for when they thought it sounded too much like theirs IS the same song that you guys are NOW suing for LDR's "Get Free" song??? You can't make this shiit up! Smdh... I mean with everything that's suckn in the world today THIS is the thing to do? Obnoxious how celebrities can sue each other over and over again. 🤤🤑

You committed plagiarism with the song the air that I breathe of the hollies In your song creep, you are so pathetic, go to the dick 🤬

Never use your service, but I just wanted to come on and say, I hope you guys lose tons of money in your court battle with Lana del Rey.... Like give me a break..... 🙄 Leave her alone assholes! Take a wild guess what I'm going to say when your company comes up ??

guys unfortunately the prices are ridiculous.. 100 pounds!! for a Radiohead show it is un-acceptable! in a country like Argentina where minimum wage is less than 400 pounds. Hope the band´s manager take care about this issues in the future because I'm not going to accept such a robbery. I never seen them before and it looks that i never will.

His fundamental name is E. He told me. Energy of consciousness that suffuses Every proton, neutron, electron, quark, spark of Light and black hole. And yes, we have free will. And yes, Prophets at times feel like happy puppets.

Dear Radiohead, maybe in 2020 will we be listening to a very cool release of yours: "Kid A" form The Basement ? That would be great. Yours sincerely..

Sitting around trying to find songs that have small similarities to yours in hope of gaining some income. I guess that's what happens when you become irrelevant.

Please stop this Copyright bullshit you pack of wankers. How do you even know that the Chord progression from creep isn't a 400 year old folk song lost to time? Vanity at it's best.

Its really sad what you are doing to Lana del Rey. She worked allot on her "Lust For Life💖" album; the song sounds just a liiiiiitle like Creep and it seems like you are just looking for EASY MONEY.

Just heard that Lana del Rey will be replacing Radiohead to all these festivals in South America this April. 🙏😏😱

Lana del rey song wasn’t inspired by Creep, Radiohead You're so ghetto Want someone else's money. bullshit....

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