In a frenzy of strobe lighting the increasingly introspective and enigmatic Radiohead delivered a tour de force in understated pomp and circumstance as they brought Friday night’s Pyramid Stage to a close at Glastonbury 2017.

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7 days ago


Radiohead will be playing some festival dates in South America in April 2018.

Tickets for Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo go on sale on 20th December. Tickets for all other dates are on sale now:
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Any plans for Monterrey 🇲🇽 MX? We have carnita asada

How about North America? East coast? NJ/NY? I’ll even take a private concert in my backyard. Anything. I need to see these guys before I die!

Don't bother. My favourite band for the last twenty odd years but at Old Trafford in Manchester this year I could neither see them or hear them. And the ticket cost £70. I left after thirty minutes and went to the pub instead.

Is it just me or is it very hard to buy tickets to the Colombia show from out of country? Tried all week. The site would not let me create an account. Had to go through stubhub and spend a bunch extra 🙁

Board rumors all over the world are killing gold and sex, killing time etc. What do you think about it? I think the devils dominate America and Japan “all over the world”

Can't believe the "Come to Brazil" spam actually worked

Any plans for México City? 💙 Please, We love you.

Yay! \o/ Daniele Ribeiro, ingressos começam a ser vendidos dia 20

We can't wait to see you in Lima, Peru! <3

Got my ticket for Peru! Come to Ecuador next time! 🇵🇪🇪🇨🇬🇧

Lots of good Radiohead Concerts available on YouTube. The price is right.

Can't wait to see y'all in Buenos Aires!

Arthur George Churchill I know it's not Oasis but they're still pretty good.

If I don't see radiohead before I die I'm haunting them

Hi to my cousin Phil Selway hope your well

It's been almost 10 years since Radiohead was in Vancouver the last time. 😞

My friend's dad watched a documentary about South America once

Simon Talanskas said you wanted to go to South America right??

Douglas Fernandes can you go and enjoy Radiohead on behalf of me!

I can't wait anymore to see you in Bogotá. So happy right now!!!

Daniel Rees South America for Poppy’s first birthday? 😊

Vanessa Martins you did want to go to South America *hint, hint*


Jonathon Bates quick trip to South America?

Luci, olha aí... Começam a vender dia 20/12! Vamos ficar ligados! 😉

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2 weeks ago


Five years on from the Downsview Park Stage Collapse, we have learned that an inquest into Scott Johnson’s death will be formally announced later today. While this is welcomed, it does not bring those responsible for Scott’s death to account, and it provides no justice for Scott and his family. We urge the Canadian authorities to look more closely into their treatment of the Downsview Stage Collapse and indeed all workplace deaths to ensure that accidents such as this can be prevented in the future.

Last night, CBC’s The National broadcast an investigative report into the case. If you would like to know more about this story, it can be seen here:

You can also read about the case here: years after Radiohead's stage collapsed resulting in the death of a technician in Toronto, CBC News has exclusively learned that Ontario is set to call ...
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I feel for Canadian radiohead fans but the band is right not to play there again until some kind of justice is served. It's blind luck that there weren't multiple fatalities and the people responsible can't be allowed to get away with this.

My province failed Scott and for that I'm deeply sorry. I hope the inquest makes changes to the guidelines to prohibit named defendants, in an action where a worker has died, from relying on the Jordan rule. The safety of workers should be paramount over that of the monetary inconvenience of convening a new trial. As a paralegal in Ontario, I'm ashamed of our justice system for allowing Scott's death to go unpunished.

So very very sorry... Just know you are loved here in Toronto. Your Toronto fans are with you and hope you get justice for Scott. ❤️

Hope you get justice. Sorry our justice system has failed so far. Hope to see you play someday.. Ontario is a good place otherwise. But that doesn’t matter when a persons life has been taken. My condolences to Scott’s family and all who knew him 💙💜

I remember waiting in line at this event and watching the stage collapse literally 5 minutes before they were allowing GA ticket holders in. It was such a loud crash, and the whole ordeal would have been 1000x worse if we were all in there too. So sad to see that nothing has come from all the investigations. I hope this isn't the reason that Radiohead haven't returned to Canada yet. Was heartbroken when the tickets were refunded and we haven't had a Canada tour date since 🙁

Totally understand why you guys dont want to play in Toronto until this is addressed properly. As much as I was frustrated the show was cancelled, Im compelled to write my local MP now to help influence justice being served for Mr. Johnson

This was a depressing day, i pretty much bought a passport, booked a Hilton, and lost my job to drive to Toronto to see you guys. Thats so sad what happened to Scott, sad for his family. =( And i hope i get to see you guys someday

I was there when this accident happened. I was setting up the beer tents. It was a horrific thing to see in person, and it's ridiculous that this boils down to time management of the courts and administrative issues that have kept this case from being looked into. As jarring as that day was for me and my coworkers, I can only imagine how in the world this family is carrying this injustice in their lives. There is no peace in this. Our judicial system should be ashamed.

A tremendous burden for everyone involved to bear, including the crew and band. Hearing these new details I am absolutely floored by their generosity to all of us as fans in the years since this tragedy, and by their pursuit of justice for Scott's family.

Also, keep in mind and correct me if I'm wrong. The band was supposed to be on stage around the time the stage collapsed. The fact the band dogged that bullet is insane.

Canadians, if this upsets you too, please write to your local MLA and/or MP. Labour issues are under jurisdiction of each province, but you can also write to the national Minister of Labour, Patty Hajdu.

Sorry you've had to endure the failings of our justice system. Hopefully this new inquest brings everything to light and the Johnson family/the band/the crew can have closure. Also, we all hope you come to Toronto/the surrounding area again soon.

Ow man, never heard of this ...that's tough. How the case ended is absolutely absurd, so keep fighting for justice guys...

I will never forget that day, I was there to see radiohead play, I got to the venue super early to get a number on my hand, I had this really bad dream about the stage the night before falling onto the crowd, usually I stay all day and talk to other die hard fans, but something gave me the heebeejeebees and I felt danger so feeling like an idiot I left and went to canada's wonderland for a few hrs, as I arrived back at the venue I found out from the head of security that the stage had just collapsed moments before. Most of the crowd had no idea what had happened as they were hidden behind a wall. I could hear the sirens. I was telling everybody what had happened and that the show was cancelled. Radiohead hasn't been back since and I don't blame them, but the fans of toronto are really loyal and it's one of the best places to see them live. They didn't get a tour date for A Moon Shaped Pool tour which would never have happened if it wasn't for this tragedy. When this is all cleared up and justice is finally done, radiohead really owes their die hard fans in toronto a killer concert weekend (the band knows what I'm talking about), a whole week would be even better. Perhaps a benefit concert to scott, All the shows would sell out for sure. I'm in florida now but I'd come back up to see that.

As a Canadian, I find the lack of movement on this incident (due to ridiculous bureaucratic rigmarole) really disturbing. I hope that Scott gets the justice that he deserves.

I wanted to come see you guys play, it's top of my list, I just couldn't stand Downsview as a concert venue. So I didn't go luckly. But I still want to come to see you but you don't really play a lot of Canadian shows. you played in a festival this past year but it was $300 for a multi band concert that I would only want to see you! Come Back and do your own tour, Ottawa would be great!

When you first came to Ottawa in the 90s I tried to invite you all over for a BBQ. ......I being a 60s Old Abingdonian

I will never forget this incident! The show in Toronto was the last North American date before they headed to Europe. Michael Mosca and I had a 3 week trip to Italy booked based on four Radiohead tour dates. These were the first dates in Europe and due to the stage collapse all Italy dates were cancelled! Of course we still went to Italy but no Radiohead.

The principle of reasonableness, under the constitutional prism, is derived from American law and is a derivation from the principle of legal process. This principle aims to resolve fundamental rights antinomies, seeking a prevalence of rights that, in relation to the specific case, has a greater "weight" than the other that confronts it. Thus, before a collision of fundamental rights, seek the principle of reasonableness, by weighing, resolve disputes, presenting a more reasonable solution to the case (of its nomenclature). João Trindade Cavalcanti Filho affirms that the principle in question determines that a constitutional interpretation must be considered, rational, and it is not permissible to attribute absurd meanings to the Major Law. [1] In continuity, says the professor, "the restriction of fundamental rights must meet the parameters of adequacy between means and needs, necessity of restriction (exigibility) and proportionality in the strict sense." [2] The interpreter should then analyze collisions between principles and fundamental rights in a reasonable way, limiting them, but doing so minimally. This principle is not expressed without Brazilian constitutional text. In its application and indispensable to the maximum effectiveness of the basic rule of the State. The method of interpretation according to the Constitution is not a legal basis, but the true system of constitutionality control. [3] Such an interpretive technique applies to infra-constitutional norms, which must be interpreted according to the constitutional dictates. In other words, an interpretation is adopted that approaches as infraconstitutional norms of the essence of the Constitution. In this sense, Danielle Tavares da Silva teaches that "there must always be more than one interpretation possible for a given norm according to the Magna Carta". In the light of the foregoing, he concludes that all legal systems must be interpreted in accordance with the Federal Constitution, seeking the jurist for the full effectiveness of the Constitution, discriminating the conflicts between principles and fundamental rights in a reasonable manner, restricting as little as possible the application of basic precepts . It is still the text of the norm to be interpreted not corresponding literally to the "product" of interpretation, the most important is the interpretation of an adequacy of the constitutional dictates. The principle of reasonableness differs from proportionality because the reasonableness has to be with the reasonable time of the duration of the process, more or less, being necessary for the resolution of the case to analyze the concrete case, that is, case-by-case analysis to know if the process is within a reasonable time. if there is an excess of procedural time, it is necessary to know if there is a justified or unjustified excess. JUSTIFIED: there is a reasonable duration of the process depending on the complexity of the case and the number of cases that the court has to judge, and may be included in the FATAL case; CONTINUOUS and PEREMPTORY. UNJUSTIFIED: Exceeding the deadline becomes illegal ...... happens when the public prosecutor or the judge appeals the judgment of the case without any legal justification ... harming one or both parties involved. but that would be Brazil ..... but I think this principle can also be used in Canada because the principles in democratic countries in the world of law ..... are universal. I hope it helped you..

I remember that day clearly, I was with my Son in Canada's Wonderland, and then we were heading for the concert, I heard the news as we were leaving, and continue home instead, saddened more by the death of Scott than missing the concert, a very sad end to a day that was going so well. My Son may never see Radiohead live because of the poor handling of the case by the authorities.

I am so happy I got to see them for the In Rainbows tour- 2008 I believe. I do not blame them for not returning since - it's a matter of principle and they are seeking justice. It's nothing personal against the fans. It's something they feel like they have to pursue. I hope there is justice.

So sad... hope they can go through the investigation so that won’t happen anywhere else in the world... nobody should die when you are at the concert.

I’ll never forget that day, I was in front of the stage painting a mural when it happened.. Rest in Peace Scott..

This is all so f*cking embarrassing and disappointing.

Here's hoping for closure and for a safe return of Radiohead to Canada.

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