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🚨 QUIZ 🚨

Turn your headphones up and get ready to comment the artist or song title…..

How many can you get?



10 Responses

  1. Em Brown says:

    No muse 😢

  2. Adrián Esparza says:

    Eminem without me 😀

  3. Harry Vizard says:

    Henry OwenRich BertenshawSophie Hunt

  4. Vanessa Lamont says:

    Eminem and Captivate You – Marmozets

  5. Nick Capek says:

    Pretty much sums up why Reading doesn’t sell out in days like it used to

  6. Jamie Cullen says:

    rat boy move , the amazons junk food forever

  7. Kamil Chibi Zawada says:

    1-7) nothing special :/

  8. Ellis Jones-hawes says:

    Oh how downhill this festival has gone in the past 4-5 years

  9. Clare Oxenham says:

    Reading isn’t Reading rock anymore it’s crap .

  10. Jessica Louise Lowe says:

    Steph Warry

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