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Quiz: Are you more Reading or Leeds festival?

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Quiz: Are you more Reading or Leeds festival?

❤️❤️❤️ or 💛💛💛?

Quiz: Are you more Reading or Leeds festival?

Not sure which festival site to head to in 2017? We’ve got you covered



25 Responses

  1. Anders Johansson says:

    ❤❤❤❤ always Reading

  2. Martiñ Hickman says:


  3. Cara Jones says:


  4. Ethan Kenna says:

    I don’t answer stupid questions

  5. Chris Scrivens says:

    Amy Jo 🙃

  6. Natalie Curtin says:

    Jonny Boom Reading! 😜

  7. Gem Sturgess says:


  8. Amy-Louise Lewis says:

    Vienna German

  9. Vienna German says:

    Stone German

  10. Clare Man says:

    Went to both for the first time last year and can safely say I will never go Leeds again! 😂

  11. Arianne Cutajar says:

    Jael Spiteri hemm xi dubju??????

  12. Kathryn Brackstone says:


  13. Livia Likurti says:

    Ella Minna

  14. Kane Oakley says:

    Reading, closer and I met one of my best friends there ❤️

  15. Cecilie Benden says:

    Elise Violeta Ness Aksnes

  16. Geoff Tompkins says:

    Reading 100% Love it 👌🏼

  17. Shawn Curcher says:

    I would suggest doing this to help us out but its generally more of a quiz to do with the northern/southern divide 😂😂 Amy Tucker Chloe Southby

  18. Rob Francis says:

    Done Reading four times and Leeds twice. I can safely say that drunk southerners are far easier to understand than drunk northeners.

  19. Karina Townsend says:

    Jair Townsend I got Leeds

  20. Sian Tunstall says:

    Oliver Hames

  21. Anita Chiasson says:

    Reading!! ❤️💛❤️

  22. Hazel Clyne says:

    Jessica Greaney

  23. Nugget Harps says:

    Reading it was and will always be

  24. Yasmin Kahlon Winter says:

    Reading 🎉😘

  25. Charlie Taylor says:

    Kiran Patel

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