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Packing up the Garden Party – it’s not a secret any more

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Packing up the Garden Party – it’s not a secret any more

One of the most loved festivals in the calendar, Secret Garden Party, has confirmed the rumours of the last few days and officially announced it is shutting up shop.

The head gardener has posted onto the festival’s ‘ethos’ page with a message explaining why, after 15 glorious years, it’s finally time to bow out gracefully.

You can read the full statement here.

However, the most important section is the end:

“This isn’t some principled self-immolation: this is opening it up for new forms in the future. So this summer will be the almighty send-off that The Garden Party deserves and whilst that is going to cause some tears to be shed, think of it more as ‘Dylan goes electric’ than our Altamont. 

So watch this space for the phoenix rising from the ashes…

Because after all you can’t be avant-garde from within an institution and lest we forget: the frontier always moves.” 

…which means we can hopefully expect 2018 to bring news of something fresh and juicy to enjoy.

In the meantime don’t waste time bagging one of the last few remaining tickets to the last ever Secret Garden Party.

And remember the wise words of the Head Gardener – they should guide you through the days of your lives:

  • Decide your own life, don’t let another person run or rule you.
  • Behave honourably at all times and respect the local law and officials.
  • Do not take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation.
  • Do not allow yourself to become a stupid drunk and set a bad example for the treatment of other Gardeners.
  • Always respect nature; do not leave rubbish where you are playing.
  • You are in a community, pitch in and help.
  • Try to stay clean.
  • If you haven’t come to learn, come to teach.
  • When traveling, take your trip respectfully, take no personal chances & cause no problems.
  • Do not allow other Gardeners to harm anyone, expose all abusers to authorities. People who intentionally cause harm to others are the worst people to infest any society.
  • Help all who are lost, and try to induce them to return home.
  • Look after your fellow Gardeners whenever and wherever needed, you may need their help someday.
  • This is a Serious Party.

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