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One Love Festival news: Universal Love – remembering Martin Luther King xTo all our fans, …

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Universal Love – remembering Martin Luther King x

To all our fans,

Hope you’re having a great start to the NEW YEAR and may the rest of it be founded on peace love, good health and happiness.

Now here we are, the third Monday into the first month of the 35th year, celebrating the birth of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. But let us not forget that this significant year also commentates the 50th anniversary since he was killed.

So it now up to us, the people, to recognise and be active towards the fulfilment of Dr King’s dream of Universal Love, leaving Satan to stand alone. Cause there is no cause that is more worthy than bringing peace throughout the races of mankind; “Let Freedom Ring.”

“Big Ups” to the likes of: John Lewis, Rev Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, Roy Abernathy and many more that helped to pave the way to make America draw closed, the curtains of segregation.

And whilst we are celebrating the birth of such a great man, we say Happy Birthday to Sidney Mills, our devoted band member.

David Hinds

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