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Macka B says so Medical Monday

Macka B’s Medical Monday

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Its Medical Monday I think it’s time
Time to do a rhyme about Thyme
Culinary herb medically inclined
Thyme has really stood the test of time
Long time it has been on the scene
Should have its own Thyme Magazine
Used a lot in Jamaican cuisine
A lot of good recipes they have it in
Watch wait a minute
Even used in Ancient Egypt
Antibacterial, antiseptic
Time has got a lot of health benefits
Respiratory digestive diuretic
Antifungal antibiotic
Make a tea you can infuse it
Make the oil nuff people use it
Time flies but I realise
Thymes a repellent of insects and flies
Got many uses fresh or dried
Versatility nature provide
It’s strong got a lot of potency
Take heed woman in pregnancy
Check a health care provider do it properly
Everything’s not for everybody
You’ll find, there is a lot to Thyme
Food and medicine should be combined
That is the last line,
Because sadly I have run out of time

The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment.

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One Love Festival 2018

One Love Festival 2018

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One Love Festival 2018
GILCOMBE FARM, nr Glastonbury
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At the forefront of the UK Reggae scene for over 11yrs - Paving the way and setting the example - We are The Reggae People's Festival of un-dividing peace and un-conquering love - we create a reggae world that allows you to submerge yourselves within it completely - a reality where hope and love joins everybody into a combined and unbreakable positive force - where everyone is welcome and no-one's judged - an atmosphere of acceptance where there are no borders One People, One World

After 10 years of great events in the Home Counties we are really excited to be taking the Festival to the UK's spiritual home, to a mystical land engulfed in folk law, myths and legends - wonderful tales of magic and wonder including Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abbey and Tor - with unbelievable natural beauty, truly a "Gods own Country" of the lush rolling hills and valleys of Somerset. A place where the biggest and best Festival on Earth started “The Glastonbury Festival” (we have always thought Reggae is under represented at Glastonbury so we have taken Reggae to Glastonbury) With Glastonbury taking a year off in 2018 we thought the area needed some blessed up reggae vibes where we will introduce Reggae and Reggae Culture to a much larger audience -

This years presentation includes x 4 Nights Camping, a new Rasta Village, increased toilet and pamper facilities, increased children's and circus activities, more Healers in our dedicated Field of Love, a more relaxed laid back vibe even more spread out arenas with the emphasis on Nature and Peace. We are going back to the root of all festivals; a camping weekend festival dedicated to a better world
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