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“No dream, come clean, Walking like a zombieeeeee”…

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“No dream, come clean, Walking like a zombieeeeee”…

“No dream, come clean, Walking like a zombieeeeee”

8 months, 11 days till Reading 2015

Jamie T performing ‘Zombie’ live at Reading Festival. Taken from the new album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ released 29th September 2014. Pre-Order ‘Carry On The Gr…



20 Responses

  1. Amy Dunster says:

    I’m so gutted I missed Jamie T

  2. Julia Heck says:

    Beth Roberts

  3. Luke Coulter says:


  4. Nikki-Leigh Johnson says:

    Karina Marie Smith

  5. Luke Weston says:

    Pat OHalloran Brown

  6. Molly Broxton says:

    Lucy Ling

  7. Jess Lawrence says:

    So excited Nia Parrís

  8. Matt Brett says:

    He was so good, why isn’t he a headliner

  9. Leanne Gray says:

    We where there Christiaan Hobes Hobart xx

  10. Josephine Tuff says:

    So happy I got to witness this back in August !

  11. Jordan Millership says:

    Joe Millership Jake Gibbons

  12. Eric Evans says:

    Timothy Evans

  13. Rob Tischhauser says:

    I was there highlight of the weekend

  14. Shannyn Theumer says:

    Ricarda ♥♥♥ Jamie T wird sooo gut! ♡

  15. Auriane Whitmore says:

    Siobhan Jamie James Luke Laura Kamil Pamela-Sue Wells Laura-Rory Anne Wells the excitement!

  16. Hattie Lee says:

    Elsie Lee Bass Moore Connor Taylor Tom Vecchione

  17. Elle Rogers says:

    Sam David

  18. Jamie Gall says:

    Jessica Cox

  19. Little Eye says:

    Awesome !

  20. Sophie Redmond says:

    Carlie Racis

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