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Monday Motivation

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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation 🙏



25 Responses

  1. James Tadd says:

    Knowing the 2nd headliner would motivate me more.

  2. James Tanner says:

    Good call James.

  3. Jade Sawyer says:

    Lauren Labram Solin Hanna ^_^ 😀

  4. Josh Barker says:

    Send some my way please. Oh, and the next headliner for all of us as a happy new year gift?

  5. Charlie Porter says:

    Mariachi El Bronx. Day 1. First band. This is giving my nostalgia a heart attack

  6. Ryan Dent says:

    Announcement please

  7. Catarina Ribeiro says:

    Sofia Silva !!!!

  8. Nathan Webb says:

    Please announce ice cube

  9. Luke Bowles says:

    I’d even settle for an announcement regarding the announcement announcement.

  10. PUNK ROCK Is Good For You says:


  11. Dominic Gardner says:

    whens another announcement due to be released?

  12. Anders Johansson says:

    Sum 41 – motivation?? 😉

  13. Di Melo says:

    Hurry up August! I can’t wait to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers 😄

  14. Raz Hoque says:

    Ben Skinner Nathan Brown

  15. Libby Wilton says:

    Amber Kidd every day motivation

  16. Jason MacDonald says:

    Whens the 2nd announcement? (Its Foals btw everyone)

  17. Nathan Webb says:

    Ice cube

  18. Sam Hardy says:

    Miss Reading last year Heaven Kyriacou Louis Murphy

  19. Michael Coyne says:

    Holly Harris

  20. Fløpsy Way says:

    bring it on Reading……whad’ya say Mølly 🙌🏻 I’m living every moment of the grimness of January and February with this vision keeping me sane #cannotbloodywait |-/

  21. Romain Pierron says:

    The real motivation would be to announce more acts ! 😀

  22. Jade Maddocks says:

    Abi South 😭

  23. Chloe Taylor says:

    Jody Le Blanc-Burrows, Phoebe Elisha Brinkley

  24. Gareth Hodgkins says:

    Parker Houser

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