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Maui Waui news: Help Maui Waui Survive through Covid 19 and beyond

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Maui Waui news: Help Maui Waui Survive through Covid 19 and beyond

Latest update from Maui Waui

In preparation for Maui Waui Festival – Live Stream BOOM we are launching our crowd funding campaign!


We know that everyone has been badly affected by the covid crisis, as an industry we have been extremely hard hit unable to reopen and loosing significant sums of money – We have been holding out hoping for a usual route to dig our way out but we do need your help and support – not just for us but for everyone who has suffered from the cancellation of the festival.

We have some great rewards for people INCLUDING a special event for people who donate, there is also a raffle to win tickets and the grand prize of a season pass to all of our events PLUS Bearded Theory Festival!

Check out the video in the link and thank you so much for taking the time to read and any donations, if you can't donate please still tune in to the online festival – its totally free and will be good fun.

Here's to better times and see you all in a field soon xx

Maui Waui


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