Latest update from Lost Village

Lost Village will be the last ever Moderat performance in the UK before the project disbands in September. As one of the most important bands in modern electronic music, this is going to be emotional 🌲⚫️🌲

Hi Everybody, When we started Moderat it was meant to be a fun-thing, a playground and sort of a vacation from our individual projects.
It’s still fun and becoming a band after all these years was a real experience. A long way considering we all started as Dj’s in dirty basements.

But after 4 years of this, non stop, we feel that Moderat now is what we need to take a vacation from.
After our final show on September 2nd at Berlins Wuhlheide, an amazing open air venue, we will go back to Modeselektor and Apparat.

Thanks for the ride, hope to see you again!





  1. Saw you at Glastonbury you were absolutely amazing thank you being my highlight of the festival! Sorry your going to call it a day as a group but look forward to all your new projects! ❤

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