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Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: Villagers! We’re giving away 2 tickets for Lost Village 2018, 2 places at the Tr

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Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: Villagers! We’re giving away 2 tickets for Lost Village 2018, 2 places at the Tr

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Villagers! We’re giving away 2 tickets for Lost Village 2018, 2 places at the Tribal Banquet, 2 sessions in the Lakeside Spa & Boutique Camping for 2… Simply Like & Share this post, tagging the friend you want to bring. We’ll pick a winner at 4pm on Boxing Day and make someones wish come true…

Merry Christmas & good luck! 🌲⛄️🌲


25 Responses

  1. James Mattinson says:

    Ben Newton wouldn’t mind this again

  2. Kev Ranyard says:

    Ian Waites it’s a local festival for local people

  3. Ben Wabe-Smith says:

    Shelby Elizabeth naughty little early birthday present

  4. Tom Jenkins says:

    Kia Brown this would nice xmas present x

  5. Sarah Darby says:

    Ben Darby I would Love to do this with you it looks incredible and we say we will go every year!! ❤️❤️ what do you think Dave Regan

  6. Kieran Collins says:

    Allen Armstrong fingers crossed bro, there is no adventure that can quite match this place!🌲 🤞🏻🌲

  7. Tasha Smith says:

    Luisa Tilocca imagine winning this, best christmas ever

  8. Jason Dolan says:

    Bonnie Anderson this could be our first festival together 🤞🏻 😊❣️

  9. Rebecca Shaughnessy says:

    I would absolutely be bringing my old Mon Mark Woodhouse xx

  10. Hayley Watts says:

    Joe Egan what a good birthday present that would be!🎄

  11. Tracey Kemp says:

    We should do a fest Garry Croft, but boutique luxe, not common camping 😉 xx

  12. Madeleine Edwards says:

    George Fielder fingers crossed! And pleeeease enter this too! More chance of winning!!! Looks soooo good 🎉

  13. Tarciga Jithan says:

    Shared and Liked with Momo Momo 😚😚😚😚 we need this so bad!

  14. Sarah Truswell says:

    Natasha Fox 🦊 this would be amazing, always wanted to go to this!

  15. Ben Armstrong says:

    Tom Davies this would be a perfect Christmas present

  16. Issy Montgomery says:

    Chelsea Garland we’ve actually wanted to go so many times 😍😩💯💕

  17. Sarah Jones says:

    Nigel Thacker would love to share this with you, we make our best memories when dancing the night away together 💃🏼 🕺😊 we fell in love on the dance floor at space Ibiza 💖 gone but not forgotten x

  18. Toni Atkinson Thomas says:

    Vanessa Nkosi we can still go 😀 How amazing would this be xx

  19. Thomas Martinez says:

    Thomas, Merry Christmas bro’

  20. Mathew White says:

    Matthew Farrer this would be one way to kick off 2018…

  21. Sarah Perkins says:

    This would be the best Xmas pressie. Kim Mulligan 😍

  22. Lauren Sutherby says:

    Corie Atlanta yesssss this would be amazing!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  23. Cara Atkinson says:

    Josh Wong fingers crossed baby xxxxx

  24. Zac Burrows says:

    Louis Macartney saved my life last year, so need him there the next!

  25. Katie Groombridge says:

    Andy Northrop let’s hope we have a Merry Lost Village 😊🌲💖💃

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