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Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: Lost Village 2018: One Month…

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Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: Lost Village 2018: One Month…

Latest update from Lost Village

Villagers assemble… One month until we return 🌲🔮🌲

Just 10 ticket + premium accommodation packages remain. All other tickets are long gone… lostvillagefestival.com/tickets/


36 Responses

  1. Joe Gomm says:

    Mad hyped!

  2. Susannah Kate says:

    Cory Mercer one month gaaaaalllllyy

  3. Louise Mortimer says:

    Kate Anna Brooke WilsonOscar Turner MckinnelKane PierceMattias ToghillAlfie Jack


  4. Jack Drake says:

    Artwork and Kiwi (Y) 🤩

  5. Nathaniel Creasey says:

    Anyone selling any weekend tickets?

  6. TamTam Woodhall says:

    Any tickets for sale?

  7. Thomas Ku0153nig says:

    We’re coming home 📿🙏🛐

  8. Ryan Grant says:

    Zach Green these videos give me tingles

  9. Cara Swindell says:

    Selling 3 tickets for £220 each.

    Plus a camper-van zone/pitch ticket for £200 if anyone is interested?

  10. Wilf Wheeler says:

    Looking for 3 tickets

  11. Corinne Burns-Davis says:

    Need one ticket if anyone’s selling x

  12. Tom Robinson says:

    Anyone selling weekend tickets please?

  13. Madeleine Ong says:

    Need 2/3 tickets if anyone is selling?

  14. Poppy Georgia Mitchell says:

    Looking for 3 tickets?? 💓

  15. Rachel Osman says:

    Looking to buy two tickets. Please message me if you’re selling!!

  16. Madi Mcinnes says:

    Selling one weekend camping ticket!

  17. Ollie Chelsea Donnithorne says:

    2 weekend tickets for sale! Please inbox me x

  18. Lucrezia Chiarle says:

    I have 2 tickets to sell !!

  19. Bradley Lewis-james Rowland says:

    Looking for a ticket

  20. Jonathan Bayliss says:

    Looking for 2x weekend tickets

  21. Rhian Dixon says:

    Selling 1 ticket Thursday -Sunday £190 Dm if interested xxx

  22. Rochelle Perry says:

    Selling 3 tickets

  23. Amy Goldthorpe says:

    Selling TWO tickets Thursday – Sunday, £220 each. Let me know if anyone wants them !

  24. Callum Smith says:

    Got one ticket for sale for £185 (paid £195). DM me if interested.

  25. Kiraa Pennifold says:

    Anyone selling one ticket

  26. Charlie Crossley says:

    Selling 2 tickets xx

  27. Annie Clerkin says:

    got 1 ticket available

  28. Ava de Rijke says:

    selling a weekend ticket

  29. Francesca Hartley says:

    looking for 1 weekend ticket! x

  30. Annie Clerkin says:

    1 weekend ticked available

  31. Hannah McGavin says:

    Looking for boutique camping for 4 with tickets if anyone is selling please 🙂

  32. Lucrezia Chiarle says:

    I have 2 tickets guys !

  33. Sam March says:

    Selling one ticket, around Bristol and London message me if Interested

  34. William Foster says:

    Selling 1 ticket 190 message me

  35. Simon Crumpton says:

    Looking for 2 tickets?

  36. Wardle Wardle says:

    I need 3 tickets anyone ???

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