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Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: It’s finally here… Our biggest and most diverse lineup ever. More artists, more

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Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: It’s finally here… Our biggest and most diverse lineup ever. More artists, more

Latest update from Lost Village

It’s finally here… Our biggest and most diverse lineup ever. More artists, more places to explore, more fever-dream madness… 🌲🦋🌲
🎟 Limited tickets on sale this Friday 25 Jan, 10am. Join us!


37 Responses

  1. Neel Dudhia says:

    Ollie Bunker Ali Gosling Sam Lubkowski !!!

  2. Bliss Jordana says:

    Charlie Jobson Alice Freemo oh shit I think I’m gonna have to come

  3. Matthew Alba says:

    Ahh yesss purfect Tom Bruce Max Den Engelsman Nathan Skrivanic Eleanor Treanor

  4. Michael Roussos says:


  5. Lexie Lancaster says:

    Georgia Lancaster maybe ill be joining u xxx

  6. Liam Baker says:

    Payta Dominic Sophie lol wtf

  7. Henry Cugley says:

    Calum Alcorn Isaac Turnbull Sophie Lambert Jessica Skellern Izzy Frost Calla Cambrey

  8. Milly Glendinning says:

    Lucy Staley 😱

  9. Amy Mckay says:

    Lydia Clarke

  10. Jack Nichol says:

    Beth Rogers

  11. Millie Maraffi says:

    Alice Buckland Sorrel Harms

  12. Josh Gott says:

    Harry Hill

  13. Alice Duperrey says:

    Emma Saunders John-Ross Tan Patrick Collings bicep gerd hunee folamour Me likeyyy 🙂

  14. Isabella Hickling says:

    Joe Mather

  15. Elsa Hunter says:

    Alice Lynch

  16. Todd Baker-Flanagan says:

    Harvie Baker-Flanagan

  17. Margot Jennifer says:

    Liam Kellee Quick trip to the uk?

  18. Dominic Spall says:

    Peter Pearce Robyn Grainger

  19. Cammy Halliday says:

    James Haughey Patrick Beaumont

  20. Dean Woodhouse says:

    Amy Prosser too many banging festival line ups 😭

  21. Tom Beresford says:

    Adam McBrien Luke Miles Thishi Manchanayake hmmmm

  22. James Haughey says:

    Luke Smith Rob Cruickshank

  23. Lauren Richardson says:

    Izzy Sheard

  24. Kieran Collins says:

    Jake Armstrong

  25. Aron Breen says:

    Massive line up…too many favourites, where to start!?

  26. Conor Woodhall says:

    Sam GozzardDaniel BartleRoss Hawley

  27. Josh Resoda says:

    Alex Greenhalgh oi oiii

  28. Thomas Osland says:

    Say no more

  29. Charlotte Vale says:

    Sarah Campbell Emma Cridland Chloe Jackson if we dont get creamfields tickets this looks just as magical. It’s in a forest! 🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳

  30. Amy Ritchie says:

    Emma Grant

  31. Becca Blades says:

    Lucy Yeoman Sam Lacy Chris Swinney Jess Ramsden Richard Blades

  32. Sam Brooks says:

    Simon Johnson Callum Simpson Amy Elizabeth Burrows Shelby April Eaglestone George A Mason

  33. Charles Howard says:

    Lizzie Selzer Great lineup. Black Honey!

  34. Tom Felix Layhe says:

    Maddi Gore

  35. James Haughey says:

    Alison Cassels Kaitlin Pettigrew

  36. Ella Mackintosh says:

    Eleanor Thomas Sophie Pepper Sara Eckersley

  37. Eddie Butcher says:

    Georgia bit of you this festival

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