Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: As we look back on what was a truly incredible year, we’d like to hear your favo

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As we look back on what was a truly incredible year, we’d like to hear your favourite moments from Lost Village 2017… We’ll pick 2 of you to receive guest passes for the Lakeside Spa & the Tribal Banquet! 🌲💚🌲


23 thoughts on “Lost Village news from @lostvillagefest: As we look back on what was a truly incredible year, we’d like to hear your favo

  1. Theo Kottis played an amazing set, the sun was shining and there was a random game of freezby going on,everything was perfect 👌 so much so, it made me shed a few tears especially when Theo played a remix of Talk Talks it’s my life 💗 loved every minute and the memory will stay with me forever 🌲🔮

  2. My fave moments are seeing ‘soul wax’ play ‘krack’ and dancing my ass off, ‘Mal Grab’s set in the junk yard and of course the annoying sound check at the lake “solo….solooooo..” 🙈
    An awesome 4 days with beautiful people 😁

  3. Soulwax playing DeeWee on a quite Thursday, Joe Lycett in the Comedy tent, crawling into the back room of the apothecary and finished off with Fireworks while Fatima Yamaha played What’s A Girl To Do. Absolutely fucking quality everyday!

  4. Deffinatly joining in with the village procession on the 1st night and then becoming a member of the tribe on the final night. Lost village will always have a piece of my heart 🥁🔮🌲🌳

  5. Fatima Yamaha playing ‘Whats A Girl To Do’ then ‘Araya’ straight after perfectly in time with the fireworks in the distance. Visually and musically the best set of my life.

  6. Has to be Fatima Yamaha playing alongside the fireworks 🎉🎉, meeting a whole group of new friends 💃, Jackmaster dropping Sweet Dreams at the Burial Ground and of course walking past an orgy in the woods 😂😂😣😣 Robyn Stillwell Jennie Reeves

  7. During Ben Pearce’s Sex Tape set at the Abandoned Chapel… The sun was glistening through the trees, we were surrounded by smiling faces, and then he perfectly mixes in one of the seminal dance tracks of the last two decades.. Daft Punk – One More Time. Everyone had their hands in the air, beaming even more from ear to ear. It was so magical and so special! 😁🔮🙌

  8. So many amazing parts how can we choose just 1? The boutique camping really made our weekend though was like the ultimate VIP package to our favourite festival. Every year we say we won’t do the next so we can save and every year the woods call is just too strong to ignore. 100% the best festival in the UK. Sultas set won the weekend for us. Can’t wait to be back in the woods with our lost family. Xxxx

  9. Dennis sultas set, was at the front the whole time arms didn’t drop once was surreal, his set started when it was day light and finished when it was dark was too far also the way he gets the crowd gan, outrageous

  10. I cannot choose one but I will shortlist a few: -I was working at the Banquet as a volunteer and the lunch was over, we were setting up the table before finishing off the shift, and somewhere along the lake side “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” by Roy Ayers started playing, and you could hear it crisp and clear. I looked up and I saw the lake, a mirror glass under a beautiful sunlight, people sitting around the lake laughing, friends chasing each other among the trees, the wonderful nature and setup of the festival, I felt like time stopped and my heart filled with joy and content. I looked at the other volunteers and we exchanged smiles. We were no longer in a rush to run back to the party. That moment was just magic. -I was at Bicep and I decided to walk off the front of the stage to get the opportunity to run around the grass and freely dance. I saw two American girls who performed contemporary dancing at the very edge of the crowd and I was just enchanted. My friends and I just got absorbed by it and let the music guide us into an imitation of their performance. We were running, rolling on the grass, touching each other, jumping around. I truly felt like an artist at that moment in time, expressing my love for the people, the music, the place, my friends, in an improvised contorsion of my body. One of the most liberating and entertaining moments of my life. People were looking at us, smiling and pointing. So powerful ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

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