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Featuring, Tazzz Music, H-Dhami, Tasha Tah, Raxstar, ARJUN, TRANSE EXPRESS, Dhol Academy, Aspara Arts Magic Mela and carnival procession, Extraordinary Dance programme across 3 stages, Taste of Asia Food Market & much, much more!

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London Mela


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2 months ago

London Mela

A huge thank you to our house Dj Mr Doni Brasco, who was spinning the decks for us in all 3 melas this year. 👏👌❤️🔥 ... See MoreSee Less

A huge thank you to our house Dj Mr Doni Brasco, who was spinning the decks for us in all 3 melas this year. 👏👌❤️🔥

2 months ago

London Mela

Now for some incredible highlights from an awesome day. 🥁❤️🎉 Colors TV UK, Sunrise Radio, Sadiq Khan, City of London, Wembley Park, Nutkhut, Remarkable Productions, DHOL ACADEMY, Doni Brasco, Arjun Artist(Official Music), Dhol Beats UK, Dance With Jay Kumar, Cirque Bijou, #LondonIsOpen #LondonBoroughOfCulture Airindia #wembleypark #mylocalculture #backbrentsbid #colorsfestivaloffireandlight #diversity #family #melamagic #familyfestival #familydayout #dance London Mela #bollywood #bhangra #BollyBrollies #melapartnership #lotus #swyron #emergencyexitarts #mahogany #smiles England football team
👊🙏❤️🎪🎸🎵🎼🎤🥁Keep Smiling, Keep connected!
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Colors Festival of Fire + Lights


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I was down there but later in the evening following the floats and the drummer boys. It was fun but its a shame about the fireworks. I was standing next to the presenter who recorded them. I missed out on being famous. lol

These guys were abit scary as they had white mask, they would fit right in for halloween.

I hope you enjoying a lot with Londen malla

Pure joy dancing in the light

When was that and where

London is the Best in the world for ESPECTACS......

Thank you. Atleast you fulfilled your with!!

We too enjoyed the procession n the band,s performance on crane.

Jaimin! We missed this!!

Milind Katudia I see you in the beginning 😁

Saw Shine!!!!😘😘

When is it ?

Wow when is it

It was awesome !!!

Where is it ??? Wen is it ???

Waaw masst

Elaben Harilal

Anmol Kaur Singh

Noorie Rizvi 😠

Mina MT

Sanskriti Deoli Ashutosh Painuly

Shine Krishna

Kashif Abring

Anu Magar

Pallo Kaur

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