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Vels Trio have just been announced as the support for the acclaimed Miles Mosley as part of the festival this November. With their deep grooves, progressive soundscapes and contemporary hip hop they thrill not only the seasoned jazz lover but also the ever-growing ‘generation now’ of curious, broadminded and savvy music lovers. Jazzwise describe their sound as a ‘dreamy space-jam, mixing up fragments of fusiony riffs with big washes of electronic sound to dramatic and very contemporary effect that borrows from jazz, rock, hip hop and funk without sounding like any of the above’. BBC Radio 3 broadcast a recent live performance and you can listen to it here.

On the same recording are high-energy, intoxicating, thunderous cult techno jazz trioMoon Hooch, who are also performing in the Hull Jazz Festival and EFG London Jazz Festival

Get more info and tickets to their festival shows below:
Moon Hooch –
Vels Trio –

Moon Hooch, Jazz Now – BBC Radio 3

Soweto Kinch presents Brooklyn saxophone and drums trio Moon Hooch in concert in Brighton.

EFG London Jazz Festival


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Exciting news is on the way but before we get too wrapped up in all things 2018, revisit a happier, warmer, drier time (...Sunday aside) with our 2017 highlights video.

"French Press”. P&C 2017 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever under license to Sub Pop Records.
Video Editor: Hedley Marks

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EOTR: 2017 Highlights


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