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We’re taking a break from planning next years Neverland and heading to Wonderland Festival: A Decade of Adventure on the 16th and 17th Sept…. join us! Wonderland Celebrates its TENTH BIRTHDAY!!! For this super special occasion we are going back to our roots and throwing a TWO DAY FESTIVAL. In a stunningly beautiful location on the edge of London.

>><< POOL PARTIES / HOT TUBS / ENCHANTED FOREST RAVES / IMMERSIVE AND INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCES / BURLESQUE, CABARET & CIRCUS SHOWS / LIVE BANDS & DJS / WORKSHOPS / TEA PARTIES / GAMES / CAMPING JENOVA COLLECTIVE / NO LIMITS STREET BAND / 7SUNS / JIMI NEEDLES / DANNY.WAV / SIMON LOVE AND THE OLD ROMANTICS / THE LOST CAVALRY / INNERSOUL / & MANY MORE! Lineup details and loads of FAQ info on our website... FAQ page: Full weekend tickets... £40 (Sold out) / £50 (Sold out) / £60 (Not many left!) / £70 Family Tickets, Saturday day only (11am - 9pm) £30 Adult + Child (4-12yrs) £40 Adult + Teen (12-17yrs) £25 Extra Adult ******************************** CAMPING Weekend tickets including camping on the Saturday night, please bring a tent! TRAVEL The festival is in South London, nearest stations are Orpington or St Mary Cray (London Zone 6) The exact location has been sent to ticket holders - please check your spam folder and contact us if you haven't received it! CAR PARKING Parking is available but limited. You will need to purchase a car park pass for £10. Please share cars and help save the world!!! FOOD Sensational vegan eats from Rupert's Street and meaty treats from the superb Orginial Fry Up Material as well as tea and cake classics from the Wonderland Bakery! More information here: ********** A little about us... 10 years ago this very weekend, a small group of friends embarked on a magical journey, throwing Alice a party in her garden.Since that day, Wonderland has grown into a beautiful collective of friends and family, has hosted a multitude of events of all shapes and sizes and has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity. ALL WONDERLAND PROFIT GOES DIRECT TO CHARITY Our Chosen Charity is WYCE - Helping support communities in the Gambia. @[159164437451883:274:Wonder Years Centre of Excellence] If you would like to donate straight to the charity then please do through the following link referencing Wonderland: WYCE shop We hope you all come and celebrate this momentous occasion with us! Whether you are a Wonderland veteran or new to the Wonderland family allllll are welcome and expected! ****************************** MUSICAL TREATS LIVE > The Jenova Collective Feat. LOUQ
It is an honor to finally have the full Jenova Collective live experience, after a stonking DJ set a few years ago in our old home, Crucifix Lane.
Jenova Collective are a 7 piece UK dance band with an intense electrifying show. Fusing the worlds of dance music and live performance these guys have been tearing up international clubs, venues and festivals since they formed in 2014.
Their electric combination of vintage samples, gypsy-jazz guitar, funky bass, screeching sax, dirty synths & live drums all fronted by an enigmatic frontwoman is distinctly unique and throws down an irresistible party at every occasion.

> Simon Love & The Old Romantics
1960’s influenced pop, quirky, witty and uniquely British. Lots and lots of fun and backed by not one but two of our very own Wonderlanders.

> No Limits Street Band
They last played for us at Leefest, and we’ve invited them back to bring some festival fun, on stage and with their famous post-show acoustic sessions!

> 7Suns
This 10 piece afro, latin funk band have played Wonderland more than any other. The support from this lot has been amazing over the years so we had to get them back in for out Birthday!

> The Lost Cavalry
The Lost Cavalry are a London-based six-piece who have been with Wonderland since the start. The band mix delicate alt-folk with epic roaring crescendos, beautiful sounds with powerful stories, to produce a fantastically accomplished set of songs. “This is indie folk at its finest… Uplifting, joyous and rather wonderful.” Shout 4 Music #1 Download of the Week Q Track Of The Day – The Tower – Q Magazine


> Jimi Needles
One of our fave Wonderland headliners from over the years Jimi is back with his special blend of Freestyle DJing with Hip Hop skills, fusing Funk & Breaks with Bass Music. Anything funky, heavy or soulful!

> Danny.WAV
He has been a staple on many a lineup for a while, and he is finally coming to show us what he’s got! Danny.WAVs production skills are off the chart… DnB, garage, baseline, hip-hop, 140, classical…and he loves a scratch! This will be one heck of a set, so make sure you’re front and centre.

> Innersoul..B2B2B2B…
Considered part of the Wonderland family Innersoul has grown to be one of the most respected Drum and Bass parties in the UK, being nominated for best club night numerous times! It wouldn’t be a Birthday bash without them. Expect the sexiest, grooviest, most pumping liquid DnB!

> AJ Myst (Special Birthday set)
Wonderland veteran and electro wizard will be treating us to a super special Birthday set, its not just our Birthday…it’s his too!!!

.> D.Viant & Bob B Wrong (Boink)
The boys behind BOINK are here to provide the funkiest, bounciest bass heavy beats!

> Herukajon
This happy go lucky scamp will be spinning an eclectic blend of trippy groovy sounds including minimal tech-house, ambient wobbly floatiness, global dance music, and just about anything he likes the sound of, has a nice bounce or puts a smile on someone’s face.

> Purple DJs
What a bunch of legends! More people we consider close Wonderland family, Purple run colourful, sparkly, fun parties all in aid of charity! The have been massive supporters of Wonderland since almost day one and we in turn are massive supporters of them! We look forward to their DJs taking over the decks with a fantabulous mix of tunes!

> Plus many more special guests!!

> Wonderland DJs
Yes! It’s true…We will also have a whole host of our resident DJs playing! Shocker i know! DnB, Breaks, Disco, 80’s, Rock n Roll, Swing, House, Techno, Electro, Garage, Pop, Lounge, Dub….the list goes on!




> The Apothecary Cabaret
Step into the twisted mind of a victorian medicine cupboard for this waky and wonderful cabaret

> The Secret Drawing Room
Burlesque meets life drawing. Be treated to an intimate Burlesque performance followed by a class on drawing the performer. Featuring the amazing Marianne Cheesecake


>Bitter and Twisted Burlesque
This creative duo bring sensuality and character to their acts taking the cabaret and variety world by storm. Combining circus and theatrical elements this duo have astounding on stage chemistry guaranteed to wow any audience.

> Sunday Shake Off Blues Dancing
Learn the slinky, sexy art of blues dance


>Soak, Secret hot tubs
Shhhhhhhhh…its a secret
Book your session here: – or snap up any remaining spaces on the day!

> Massura Bliss Holistic Therapy
Get a massage from these magical healing hands

> Almond Blossom Mermaid Yoga
Sparkly mermaid yoga!

> Disco Yoga
Fun yoga to disco tunes


> Wonderland themed games, including, but not limited to: Queen Of Hearts Croquet, Humpty Dumpty Bungee volleyball, messy twister, Human Hungry Hippos, Lobster Quadrile and of course our famous GLITTER WRESTLING!


>Creation Station
Ecofriendly sterling silver jewellery and hand felted treasures 😀

>Hippy Poppins
Costumier and stylist for festival wear, alternative costumes, headdresses, up-cycling fashion, magic and dreams

making festival fashion a daily affair. We want to bring colour to our streets and smiles to the faces of those we meet along the way. All items in our store are unique to JackFruit clothing and have been custom designed by us.

>Squiggles and Wiggles
Facepainting and Salon Session- live body art meets life drawing

GLITTER- high quality, non-toxic cosmetic glitter.

>Ipsos CP
Custom hand drawn designs on trainers caps and more!

>Purple’s Snazzy Stuffs.
Purveyors of knick-knacks and general lovely things.

Substance-free psychedelic eyewear.

>Wonderland Cafe
For all your tea, coffee and cake needs!

>@[156512374466484:69:African Jeniba]
African Jeniba is a range of jewellery made by the women of Madina Salaam, The Gambia. This project is a self-sustainable project for the WYCE charity.

We cannot wait to celebrate this special accasion with you all!

Lots of Love, Sparkles and Joy

The Wonderland Crew

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LeeFest: The Neverland


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Wonderful people...

Today I get to share some very exciting, slightly life changing (for me at least) news with you!

The story of LeeFest that I’m sure you know all too well (‘Lee! No house parties!') was the seed for something very special to begin.

For the past few years I have marvelled as this wonderful community of like minded souls has grown around me, and been awestruck at the way you have contributed to the festival; dedicating your ideas, your energy and your awesome spirit.

As our community has snowballed, it has felt increasingly wrong that something created by so many should be named after just one! We are therefore going to be starting a new story, with the focus on the whole community.

Experimenting with The Neverland has been the most inspiring and productive two years of our lives. It encouraged us to stretch our imaginations, broaden our horizons and be more ambitious than ever.

We are therefore making a commitment, that from this day forward we will no longer build festivals. Together we will build fully fledged, immersive, magical worlds. Worlds in which our inner children can thrive as we retrieve our sense of discovery together; through music, party and wonder.

As our community grows internationally, and at our current political junctures, we felt that the name for this new story should reflect the inclusive, safe retreat that it can provide, even if just for one weekend, for those from all persuasions and all walks of life.

LeeFest has taken me on the most incredible personal adventures, for which I will be eternally grateful. The original ethos of rebellion and DIY action will always be the driving force and I will still be living, breathing and working on Neverworld 24/7/365! The LeeFest story will live on forever, but it’s a story from the past and right now we have an opportunity to write the future...

Welcome to Neverworld. A place we never have to grow old.

Lee Denny
🙏 ☮️ 💜
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Neverworld #nevergrowold


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Finlay Fuller

Wait so what does this mean for 2018 leefest?

Jonathan Goldie

Tim Norman Amber Buck-Burrows

Gabby Sharpe, fancy going?

Perhaps you could clear up all the rubbish left around the entrance this year unlike last year and year before at Chiddingstone. 😡😡😡

You going Jackie Colwell?

Weey BumbaClarke! Looking good man!

Shannon Laura 🎉

Katie Cubbage

James well this is just adorable

Wow, more amazing things to come

Congratulations Lee from small acorns 👏🏻🌳 Neverworld🌍

Angel Butler this looks amazing!!


Great festival loved 2017

❤❤❤❤ love this x

Chelsie Jenner

Ayesha Barakzai August 2018 wifey ❤️❤️❤️

1:08 Felicity 🐠🐬💜💙💚💛🧡

Sam Pinder

Looking forward to this one!

Haha Sophie Howe amazing!

Ohh Matt BumbaClarke!

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Jake Bennett


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Neverworld 2018

Neverworld 2018

Aug 2, 12:00pm - Aug 5, 12:00pm

John Darlings Farm
Tunbridge Wells,  TN8 7LP Map

Mermaids, Pirates and Lost Boys

We are delighted to bring you Neverworld, the next chapter in the LeeFest story. An immersive kingdom of music, party and wonder, with three tribes to join and three magical realms to explore!

"The story of LeeFest that I’m sure you know all too well was the seed for something very special to begin. For the past few years I have marvelled as this wonderful community of like minded souls has grown around me, and been awestruck at the way you have contributed to the festival; dedicating your ideas, your energy and your awesome spirit. As our community has snowballed, it has felt increasingly wrong that something created by so many should be named after just one! We are therefore going to be starting a new story, with the focus on the whole community." Lee Denny

☮The Neverwoods☮
The Neverwoods is boasts some of the finest scenery in the whole of Neverworld, with panoramic natural vistas and a place of tranquillity, nourishment and well-being. Stroll through the picturesque frames of the ambient forests whilst becoming one with the wonderful nature flowing throughout and embrace new music, arts and crafts in a no nonsense paradise celebrating good times and joy.

☼ Mermaids Lagoon ☼
Submerged in neon coating and sun-kissed horizons, Mermaids Lagoon will be the go-to destination for all those seeking the Club Tropicana high-life of cocktails, sunshine and pristine clarity. Dive into the bright lights of 80s glam in all its prime, with the beautiful people and luminous vibes of sunshine by the beach and margaritas on tap, as a vivid soundtrack of pop music serenades the pool bathers. For those seeking opulence and extravagance, a dip into Mermaids Lagoon is the height of decadence and thrilling glamour.

☠ Skull Ridge ☠
A futuristic dystopia, Skull Ridge lies in The Neverland shadows - a living embodiment of shadowy fantasies and mind-blowing attractions. Discover the sounds of punk in Hooks Rock or the unceasing bass of The Goldmine rave, hidden in darkest depths of the realm. Mob rule and darkness are ever present in this sprawling part of The Neverland that is unforgiving and unrepentant.

Choose your tribe, find Neverworld and Never Grow Old!

🙏 ☮️ 💜


"It feels a bit like a mini Glastonbury" - Annie Mac

"Honestly, there aren’t even enough words to truly describe how beautiful this little festival is." - Summer Festival Guide

"A fantastic, unpretentious party vibe" - The Guardian
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