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With Father's Day fast approaching, we want to offer the Dads of Kendal Calling ...

Kendal Calling festival news : With Father’s Day fast approaching, we want to offer the Dads of Kendal Calling …

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Kendal Calling


With Father’s Day fast approaching, we want to offer the Dads of Kendal Calling the chance to enjoy drinks on us this July — but first, tell us why your Dad is the greatest!

We’ll pick one lucky Dad and give them a £50 bar tab at the Real Ale tent! Winner revealed Sunday.


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  1. Ian Cooper! Amazing dad/uncle – loves festivals, a little bit crazy and a tiny bit embarrassing (says his daughter). Will dance with us on his shoulders even if he has a bad back!!

  2. Andrew CJ. He is the best dad to his little girl and has fought to give her the best life he can. He is also an amazing stepdad to my two sons who have neurodevelopmental disorders, supporting them and encouraging them through every hurdle they face in life. He works hard as a nurse and comes home and works hard renovating our house. We are lucky to have him in our lives X

  3. My daddy Terry Ward is the best because he brings me and my little brother to the festival every year (since we were born), he dances like a crazy person and buys us lots of ice creams. He let’s us get up on his shoulders with our glow sticks so we can see the bands and we love him to the moon and back. He also loves mucky beer as much as he loves us 😂 Indie age 7 and Cohen age 5 xxx

  4. He’s not my dad, he’s my husband, the dad of my kids. The most hardworking, hilarolious, hands-on, dad out there, as well being The most supporting, patient husband. And what better dad takes there wife n kids to festivals as often as possible. That’s Steven Lawrance!!

  5. Craig Meechan he does absolutely everything for me, he has been there for me whether it be big or small! He’s the best dad I could ask for and I can’t think of a better way to thank him!! #thankyoudad ❤️

  6. Stefan Oliver My dad is carer for my severely autistic little brother and stays at home to care for him every day, as my mun works because my dad is a carer and also looks after myself and my sister, he never gets free time as he is always looking after one of us. But this Summer we are going to Kendal Calling!

  7. Craig Pagan is definitely the best! Besides being a top lad, always being there for me and doing everything he can for me he also took me to my first ever festival, Kendal Calling (5 years ago) and still treats me by buying my KC ticket each year despite the fact I’m 21 next week. Lots have changed since he took me to my first ever kendal but me and my mates still love bumping into him and he can still party as hard of any of us! Plus if he wins he might even share his prize with me😉 love you dad, see you in the fields🍻 p.s I would have uploaded a photo but I don’t seem to have enough signal, probably due to being sat in a field at Download! Obviously got my festival loving genes from you!

  8. Dale Snape he deserves more than beer. After a rough few years in and out of hospital with our daughter he’s been our rock don’t know what we’d do with out him. Looking forward to spending quality family time at Kendal calling. #superdad ❤️

  9. my dad , Danny Clifton, is the greatest dad because he has been taking me and my two younger siblings to festivals across yorkshire for 7 years since we were tiny kids on his own with no help, he has taught us to embrace festival life, the importance of it and real music😎besides being the funniest guy ever, he is always the life of the party. he is the greatest dad as his children now have these qualities to share at many more kendal callings and festivals❤️

  10. Kirk Wallace – daddy to Seth and Erin who will be joining us at kendal this year for their first ever festival! He is the best dad for all his love and care, and for driving us all to Kendal which is 4 hours away and not complaining 😂❤️

  11. Rich Mitchell is an awesome dad who will no doubt put in a great shift at kendal calling ( as he does all the time) so defo deserves a £50 bar tab. Well £25 as he will no doubt share it with me 😂🍺😘

  12. Super daddy Tim Wilkinson to Henry for cleaning lots of poopy bums, being vomited on a LOT, giving amazing cuddles and teaching the boy to refer to his privates as ‘ball balls’ so mummy gets really red in public 😁

  13. my daddy does William McTaggart he goes on the thursday morning and sets up my tent for my arrival and makes us our breakfast each morning!! clearly looking after us takes its toll 😂😂🙈

  14. Kev Francis is a hard working family man that puts his family first. He’s had a few challenges over the years (I won’t go into details) but has embraced each one with positivity and a brilliant understanding of his little family’s needs. He served our country and he is a regular at Kendal Calling… I couldn’t recommend anyone more! As a dad myself he’s my role model of how a dad should be and most definitely deserves this. Regardless of if you win the prize Kev, just know that I think you’re an awesome dad and husband. Cheers 🍻

  15. Alan Nuttall popped his festival cherry with us in 2008 & has not looked back!! He’s great fun, caring & always up for fancy dress! Looking forward to seeing his dinosaur dancing! 😆

  16. My dad Stephen Larkin (pictured) has been taking me to festivals since I was 13… we are returning to Kendal Calling this year, for the 2nd time and no doubt he will be spending plenty of time in the real ale tent 🤩🍻 love you pops xxx

  17. Isaac thinks his dad Ian Ian Hiles is the best dad in the world because he takes him on the best adventures like Kendal Calling festival and met his faves White Lies 😍💙😎

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