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Kasabian will be headlining Reading ’17 this summer 🤗️…

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Kasabian will be headlining Reading ’17 this summer 🤗️…

Kasabian will be headlining Reading ’17 this summer 🤗❤️💛💃👌

Tickets 👉 po.st/RL2017



25 Responses

  1. Kate Matthews says:


  2. Sebastian Pacheco Gonzalez says:

    Next headliner Kings of Leon , Green Day or BMTH pleaaaase 🙁

  3. Dane McGrath says:

    Mark Weatherall Marc Marley

  4. Nikki Crane says:


  5. Serena Buckley says:

    Daren Buckley Ethan Buckley

  6. Adam Gallagher says:

    Ryan Butler

  7. Carl Edwards says:

    Jessica Howells

  8. Karen Ruth says:


  9. David Ede-Morley says:

    Never forget you saving me in this Glenn Woodhurst 😂😘

  10. David Ede-Morley says:

    When will the spice girls headline ffs

  11. Carly Morrison says:

    Now please

  12. Georgia Phillips says:

    Josh Kenny oh god oh god oh god!!! Please please please can we go!!!!!!!

  13. Cecilia Marziali says:

    Chiara Perticari oppela!!

  14. Clare Church Handford says:

    Foo fighters please! 🙂

  15. Sean Cross says:

    If you’ve never seen Kasabian at a festival before have you ever been to a festival before? 😴

  16. Flo Hall says:

    Maya von Rosen Georgia Littlemore Darcie Tegerdine

  17. Ross Goddard says:

    Piss poor

  18. Mick Lintunen says:

    Is there really no one better out there?

  19. Emma Harman says:

    Laura Stowe-EvansZoe Lines

  20. Jack Merton says:

    Eminem next

  21. Tommy McGorrian says:

    Will Rouse

  22. Sascha Morgan says:

    Meh 🙄

  23. Lauren Rebecca Middleton says:

    Jade Martin

  24. Antony Waterson says:

    Ill be coming back for this. 5 years agi these guys put on a brilliant brilliant show. One of the best festival bands there is. Enjoy guys

  25. Victoria Carolina says:

    Clare Steele ~ Reading is a brilliant festival and your guy is headlining!!!

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