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Is it too early to start the countdown to Reading ’17….? ️️️️

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Is it too early to start the countdown to Reading ’17….? ️️️️

Is it too early to start the countdown to Reading ’17….? ❤️❤️❤️❤️



25 Responses

  1. Dan Bear Taylor says:

    Yeah. Go away

  2. Sergi Ruiz says:

    Minerva García

  3. James Cash says:

    Considering the line up, yes..

  4. Samuel Shuffla Brice says:

    Elsie Cairns never too early!! 😀 xxxx

  5. Sara Coombes says:

    Bring it on!! Can’t fecking wait 2 c Fat Boy Slim!! 🤓

  6. Adam Southorn says:

    Rajan Henderson-Morrow

  7. Lilliemay Crosby says:

    Rachel Newton Molly Parrish Bethany Floyd

  8. Josh Pomeroy says:

    Rinsed, again.

  9. Martin Poole says:

    Lee Warren 👍🏻

  10. Wil Holmes says:

    Been counting down since 30th August!

  11. Megan Watson says:

    Lauryn Jackson Sydney Mcdiarmid Aisha Newman never too early !!!

  12. Tabitha Bartlett says:

    Alexandra Drake

  13. Perch McCider says:

    Considering how poor the line up is er yes!

  14. Charlie Mace says:

    Arabella Freeman

  15. Mia Keast says:

    Katie Vinnac

  16. Adaser Okorefe says:


  17. Rhi Rhi Allyson says:

    Carla Smith

  18. Lucrezia Vicedomini says:

    Rita Passariello Marzio Bonanni

  19. James Collins says:

    Mathew Studley Stead Will Andrew, never to early to get excited.

  20. Isabella Maria Heldgaard says:

    Hana VK

  21. Aurore Arwen Lapaire says:

    196 days to my countdown 🙄

  22. Simon Pittock says:

    Ian Massey

  23. Georgina Allen says:

    Sophie Allen Abbie H-l Lily O’Gorman Vicky Hefford Cathy O’Connell

  24. Katie Plumb says:

    Danielle Louise Muggeridge

  25. James Ferguson says:

    When will the days be announced??

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