Into the Wild Festival news: What polar bears in a Russian apartment block reveal about the climate crisis

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We are in the biggest emergency especially for animals in hundreds of years, yet we are distracted by cat posts and articles on the royal family.

It’s tragic.

Yet How to respond to this emergency is also shaped by the usual political divide: the right focus on the immediate threat to human individuals, while the left tries to understand the long-term global causes. But a debate about whether the bear migration should inspire fear or sympathy misses the point. The animals are losing the winter they depend on. Ultimately, so are we. We should feel sorry and afraid both for them and for us.…/polar-bears-russian-apartment…

What polar bears in a Russian apartment block reveal about the climate crisis

Arctic bears are being driven off their normal migration routes and into human habitation. We should feel pity – and fear



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4 days ago



BBC Scotland
Seals are the doggos of the sea! 😍 via BBC Earth
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.. I would 💩 bricks!!! 😳😬.. Yeah, looks cute but damn, these animals can make sushi from you literally in seconds!..

Piero Cirillo

Millie Cowley

I knew I liked wildlife but this seal's the deal....

Maya Patton

Is that not a bit dangerous as they are wild? I may be wrong but I've heard of issues when getting too close.

Kim Lynch Mia Lynch

We saw one while crab fishing off the harbour wall in Newquay Cornwall this summer holiday. Apparently they're a common sight. Begging for fish from the boats of course ☺️

Happy dog walking Andy Horne!

Caeris Kerry Samantha

next thing for the bucket list!!! Let's get you swimming!!

Bianca Cosma

Duncan Keough

Alexander Linton

What a cool seal ❤😍

Hermine Eon

Ryan Vince

Aileen Wright Jason Cook

Nicola Miller

Jordan Wright

Matt Hughes

Jane Pender

Helen Proud

Paul Terry x ! can we get one ? ... please !!

Kat Clark

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1 week ago


Ok folks, Exciting news. Here is the amazing programme for Into the Wild Summer festival over the August bank holiday.

If you are wondering what to do, well here is your answer, Camping, workshops the music, talks, poetry, wild games, most crafts, etc etc are all free, for adults and kids.

There is only a charge for a couple of crafts and activities, where there are expenses and it's just to cover costs.

There are lots of things that aren't even in the programme, its going to be an amazing weekend and even better its going to be warm and the last proper summer weekend...

So tell your friends before we sell out of tickets!!!

See you all soon...

You can also download or see the programme on the website:
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Does anyone have a spare weekend ticket pleaseee

Am I brave enough to come on my own? My teenagers can no longer make it?

Can you still get a day ticket for tomorrow, Sunday

Anybody know if there’s Sunday tickets available?? None online now 😊

I have x1 adult weekend ticket going if anyone is interested?

Which ones are charged ?

Mandy Simpson This is what you can do with us next year. It’s the best event in the whole year! Get ready 😉 😘

Jemima Fannon

With the line up for the music, what order on the program means they're on first or last. For example, as Mobias Loop the first act on Friday or the last? Thanks!

Madi Crafer!! Super excited now!

Hey, I have Thursday ticket entry but not sure what time we can turn up?? On the tickets it just says Thursday evening. Can’t wait! Can you let me know when’s ok please?? Thanks

Keeley Sargeant..... Next year!!!! Xxx

Does anyone know if you need to bring yoga mats for the classes/workshops?

Wrote my caravan/car off last wk. I’m now still going bec I think it will be healing. My other person had pulled out so I have a spare adult/youth. I live in London so anyone wishing to do an exchange for a lift. I have two kids 9 and 4 years. 🙏🏻

Donna Sewell

If the BBQs are in a secluded area away from the camps, where does one put their gas stoves for cooking?

Hi, do I need to print off my tickets or can I bring them on my phone in my email ? X

Does anyone know from what time we can access the site if we have early check in tickets for Thursday? Thank you:)

I’d love to come but I’m concerned my tent is heavy. Are we able to park next to our tents?

Chloe Rosanna

Sarah Lely💛🧡💚

Can’t wait ! Yayyy

Petra Durrant here we go x

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