Into the Wild Festival news: The mighty Sequoias…

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The mighty Sequoias…

These are the largest and oldest living beings on earth. Their presence so utterly spellbinding, it is hard to describe the beauty of the high Sierra Nevada.

After the dry epic moon like canyons and mountains of the desert, here are verdant greens, wild lupins and cherry blossoms, a sky so blue it takes the breath away. Here are bears and mountain lion, Lynx and elk, snake and eagle, raven and fire.

The road winds its way up the spring morning towards the snow summits of pine and ice rivers. Deep in these Sequoia forests, 5 of the largest trees on earth dwell, a place of such majesty, such immeasurable beauty, it feels almost unreal.

The deep blue gives way to snow, dancing and falling like stars pouring across the midnight ocean. Ravens craw, a deep silence falls in the ancient groves, it takes a long time to walk, because every moment one is shocked into an awe, an ecstatic shiver of disbelief.

This earth is truly heaven, a miracle, it is also a hell, it is everything and nothing. A kaleidoscope of potential effortlessly arising and ceasing in a never ending dance. These ancient trees rely on the forest fires to open their seeds and it is the very fires that destroy them so new life can emerge.

This is our true nature and this natural state is not something to be scared of but something to embrace. Our form is this earth, we are these ancient ancestors who are breathing life with us right here, right now. In the silent places there is a gift so enchanting, always present, without form or name, no beginning or end. It is yours….



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