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Into the Wild Festival news: The Greatest Bird On Earth

Latest update from Into the Wild

Such amazing birds….

The Swift, heftier in weight makes not only one of the most extreme of all migratory journeys, it does so without landing at a single point.

One bird was found to follow the Congo river west, leaving its mouth at the Atlantic and arching to Liberia in West Africa, across the Sahara, over Spain and France before finally reaching Cambridgeshire. Just three months later the same bird made the trip back; a round-trip of some 12,400 miles.

Other monitored birds followed different routes, some equating to a round-trip of 17,000 miles. The Swifts didn’t need to stop and feed, as all feeding takes place on the wing. Still, that is some feet, and that’s just migration alone.


The Greatest Bird On Earth

No British summer would be complete without the screech of Swifts darting overhead. This distinctive call is incomparably evocative of a blissful, warm summers day; for me a trigger of childhood me…



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