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Sometimes you have to totally let go and realise theres nothing you can do about a situation. Realising you have no control of whats unfolding can be a real blessing. Whether its fate, karma, god, spirit, call it what you want, theres a flow thats beyond the ego and human mind/body.

What seems difficult now, may turn out to be your greatest blessing. Yet the mind/ego can’t bear for things to be beyond control.

Yet nearly everything in this world is happening beyond your control. Sometimes one has to let go and just trust and know our only choice is not reacting to the neurotic minds games, spinning round as the wheel of anxiety.

Its the greatest relief to just give up control sometimes and rest in great natural peace, ones true nature. Here everything is accepted, as it is, seeing everything as just a reflection, ever changing, arising and ceasing in boundless awareness.

Maybe the problem isn’t outside after all, but the internal reaction and thoughts about it.

Whats wrong with now if you don’t think about it?



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Chloe Baker and Tom Turney I wonder if you could incorporate a cool design into the new modulog sides?

Give me access to a chainsaw and a small plantation and I'll get it done

The irony, in fact the plain ignorance of man... cut down a tree and make a tree sculpture.. this planet is screwed.

Callan Wilson something you could pull off in the garden πŸ€”πŸ˜†

Michael this will be your dad when he retires x

Michael Mccune you need to redo the log store!!

Victoria something to aim for

Sally Burton fancy having a go at this.....

Sascha Amber we should do somthing like this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Richard Sims your skills are underrated my friend.

Its impressive, but wouldn't it look better as former trees?

Becki Boase this made me think of you guys!

Leigh (although I may regret showing you this!!!)

Gemma Holden here is a cool project for you and Tim! 😊

Dominic Brister - here's a project for you!

Paul Roberts I thought you might like this for the yard!

Renege Dizion this brought your work to mind x

Lois Austin thought of you guys πŸ’›

Derek Hutcherson - something for you to do in your spare time!!!

Daniel Patrick now these are some posh log stores πŸ˜„

Daisy Bellamy i think Tom should get creative with your woodpile πŸ™‚

Dave, ambitious futures!

Danny Thomas not your thing but still pretty cool?

When we finally get the logs David

Rachel PiersonRachel for next time you're working with Steve 😊

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