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Into the Wild Festival news: Morning…..

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Into the Wild Festival news: Morning…..

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44 Responses

  1. Jenny Walker says:

    Number 3. I drank too much gin last night 😆

  2. Naomi Stewart says:

    2.been up since 6am studying and my eyes still won’t focus 😂

  3. Pamela Andrews says:

    Im gradually working my way through the list.

  4. Kayleigh Billie Doubleday says:

    Chris you’re no3
    It looks very slow 🤣

  5. Emma Stradling says:

    What the heck has no 6 got in it’s mouth?

  6. Amy Viette says:

    Jamie Flagg number 4 on a Saturday night number 3 on a Sunday

  7. Gemma McKechnie says:

    Heather 🤣 you defo need to do some medevil cats!! 🖤🔥😻

  8. Trina Treetree says:

    Are these cats crossed with humans as they look super fooking weird. I will go with number 6 haha.

  9. Abigail Bridget says:

    Tony Victor the 3rd is my favourite

  10. Jimmy Mir says:

    Naomi Lever was thinking possibly number 2….xx

  11. Julia Button says:

    Matthew Beerling What sort of day must a person be having to be a no.6 😂

  12. Vix Butler says:

    Jan Bartholomew MartinEsquire I’m an 8 I’d say. Bet you’re a 6, always a 6 x

  13. Anna Korth says:

    Alfie Rolph Saw this and thought of you 😎🐈

  14. Peter James says:

    no 3, with the uneven eyes 🙁

  15. Katie Burton says:

    You’re definitely no.6 (the one with the penis in its mouth)Chrissie 😂😂😂

  16. Sapna Patel says:

    Jai Doshi clearly 7 with how my face looks right now 😩

  17. Agota Flora Kiss says:

    Rebeka Füredi i’m the 3rd and the 5th one

  18. Tineka Frost says:

    Tim Bayliss it might be safe if you dont come home tonight… feeling like i could be number 6 😂

  19. Ellie Bradshaw says:

    Harry Loman number 1, getting washed away at Crystal beach and Rose Sartori number 6 bc rose 😂

  20. Ruby Morel says:

    Brody Morgan I’m number 6 ery day and your 9

  21. Lisa Francis says:

    Yas Aisha don’t bring these ones back ok 🤣

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  23. Lalice Diana says:

    You quite often seem to me to be a 4 or an 8 Beth Carpenter…

  24. Polly Draper says:

    Liam Saunders Amelia Hart felt like an absolute 3 last Sunday

  25. Rebecca Burns says:

    Phil Murphy for some reason this post made me think of you (or at least your taste in profile pictures).

  26. Jolene Mathers says:

    Felicity McFarlane think I’m a number one… In the bloody bath lol 🤣

  27. Ellie Jane says:

    Samantha I’m a 7. Hopefully be a 6 later.

  28. Jennie Browning says:

    Possibly no. 5 as we off for a walk round blickling lake today. Hope u r well Kristy? I’ve been using your photoshop tutorials – they’ve helped me loads😀

  29. Ted Mackey says:

    3 is me today, 4 is me when I put SIX on at pres on Friday Thomas Donald

  30. Ciara Louise says:

    Becky Morris which one are you? I think I’m 4. Kerry is presumably 6

  31. Chris King says:

    I’m 4…regal as fuck but totally demented! Bet your number 6 Vikki?!!

  32. Chloe Fraser says:

    Karo Peraza number 3 (pick number 3 my lord)

  33. Fiona Kelly says:

    Charlotte Woof I’m 8 but that’s me on the daily

  34. Gillian Cammack Jones says:

    Hahaha no 6
    Someone is getting any later.

  35. Brogan Nicole Willis says:

    Will Clubb enlighten me on your choice of cat and reasoning

  36. Lauren Haigh says:

    Cassidy Hill 4 because I am the queen hahaha, you?

  37. Sean Sweeting says:

    Alex Bell you’re a classic 2, but it’s nothing on Joe Ansell at 6

  38. Kevin Mahy says:

    No. 9. Far more interested in the situation that ended up with no. 6…!

  39. Kirsty Tait says:

    Rachel Starkey I don’t know why but this made me think of you!! Hahaha hope all is well? Xx

  40. Kerryanne Jennings says:

    Jenna Gulliver I’m a mixture of 3/7 with my jaw 😭😂 you’re a 6 😌😌😂

  41. Jess Wainwright says:

    Well they are disturbing 😂

  42. Em Mack says:

    Patch Tommy’s a permanent 4. You’re a 6.

  43. Rebecca McMullon says:

    Kat Cauchi I’m definitely 8 😂😂

  44. Kelly Jones says:

    Lisa Johns-arnett we are defo 4s but sometimes 6 haha! xxx

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