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Love everybody!!!



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12 hours ago


Now that’s how to dance with spirit... ...

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Nicole Newdall she looks like Hadara x

Annabel Reyes she reminds me of maddison x

Juliet C Bill something makes me think you might dog this little lady! xx

Michelle Jimenez-Alder - Thought you would like this! Bless her 💃🏻 xx

Brilliant eh Norms??!!

How lovely to see a girl just dance. Vx

Duende 💃🏽

Free Spirit Child 💚❤💚❤💚

Jenny Dawson is this you? X

Just what I thought .xx

Amy Trev Nelson check this girl out 😘


Wish she was in a nicer outfit 💞

Vittoria Franchino I know you will love this also 🖤 xxxx

This is me getting ready to river dance Debbie Thomas Bailey

Cecilia Vivian.... Thought you would love this❤️

Keziah Sarah Cooney.... taking back our comments last night!

Kereagh Russell why does she remind me of you

Kira Marie Jeffery I thought this was Peyton-Marie when I first saw it 😂

Kiesha Simone...thanku...sure she's my spirit child 🥰💝💝💝🖤🧡XXX

How fantastic!!

Stacy Forbes I see Georgia! 😍😍

True Roma flamenco!xxx

Marisa.. you popped into my head when I watched this! Dancing with spirit 😍

Beautiful dancing and just natural not made

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1 week ago


Hope this is still being shared with the kids! X ...

Hope this is still being shared with the kids! X

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6 this smorning at half 6 in my back lane

They say they are souls of soldiers that why you salute xx

Still salute when I see just one. Horrible habit

11 for what the fuck are all these birds doing sat on my car?

We also do this if we see one magpie to get rid of the bad luck; you have to salute it & say “Hello Mr Magpie, his Wife & his family”

Being a geordie I always remember my Gran saying this x

Always salute a Magpie when you see one. No idea why?

There is a magpie or maybe two that live in the city above a shopping complex. I watched them when I was in hospital a couple of years ago. I guess they eat out of the dumpsters.

I've said ones a wish, two's a kiss, three's a celebration. My grandad said the first and hated to see a single magpie. My friend Susan taught me the one I use.

I automatically sing ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-ag pie when I see this Teddington studios, Teddington Lock, Middlesex 🤣🤣

I told my son this he said ‘but that’s superstitious mum. Not helpful, it’s it?’🤣🤣 Also I hate the sexism. ‘How’s you’re wife’ etc. Fits too many stereotypes.

I hope its not. It ruined my life as a kid. My whole day was destined by how many magpies I saw. And it wasn't just me... All the other kids in the class were the same!

Wow never heard of any of these yet I still talk to the Magpies, I talk to all of nature including the trees and plants.

I thought it was crows? As in the band Counting Crows, they even use it in one of their songs.

I only knew up to 7. We salute them and say morning Mr magpie how's your wife today

9's a kiss and 10 is bird you must not miss

Shelby Scott see Im not crazy! And I always got told to saloutte a magpie and ask him /her where his wife is if hes alone- See im not crazy it is true!!! Just glad youve asked me several times 🙈😂 even kids do it now lol xx

I taught all my sixteen niece and nephews this when they were children and all off them to this day always say good morning mr magpie and salute them holding there collar lol

Salute or nod the head. Morning mr magpie how’s your wife and family?

Used to watch Magpie as a kid. Loved the song....

When we see a single magpie, we have always said “ good morning mr magpie, have a nice day, I hope your friends and family are ok.”

With regards to the saluting one magpie in order to counteract the sorrow, anyone else heard of “See him through glass let it pass” So in other words you wouldn’t have to salute if you saw him through the window?!?!

I feel cursed if I don’t salute 😂 I’ve not told the kids about this rhyme as life’s simpler without the superstition 😂

I only ever heard up to 7 as a kid. Will try to teach my kids the whole rhyme

I’ve always, for seeing one magpie, said “morning major” 3 times, a friend of mine must touch the colour red. We all have oddities!

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