Into the Wild Festival news: Last chance now for the best family festival this summer.

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Last chance now for the best family festival this summer.

A new kind of festival with sublime world music, over 100 workshops, woodland theatre, choirs, woodland cinema, amazing street food stalls, survival skills, archery, fire making, fascinating talks, yoga, foraging, drumming, storytelling, dancing, choirs, award winning kids area.

So much to do and at the same time not have to DO anything but relax and just enjoy the beautiful countryside with friends old and new.

All workshops, camping and music included. Just an hour from London, in amongst beautiful Summer meadows and enchanted forests of Sussex. Its going to be epic!

You can get them here:

Or join our event page:



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He has no idea what he's doing 😂
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Lulamae Barnes whoops 😬😬

Hannah Moor this reminded me of you. Not you, you understand.... 😂 Noodle 😂 x


Rebecca Joyce Heavey Heavey this would be Knuckles

Tash Louise Tauber this would be P 😂

Joe Southgate dexter 😏

Daisy!!!!! Claire Hollidge

Sharon Loughnane& Annie-Rose Mellor & Liz Wells

Dan Lee haha Bruce

Alice Masoni muoio

Jo Caldwell 😂

Steve Wellbelove

Billie Eliza Mortimer

Emma Owen

Tara Wright 😆

Chris Rudden

Laurel Woodridge 😂😭

Charlie Mann

John Woolston

Dexter Berry

Rhys Howells

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Life is for living NOW!

Tom Bilyeu
This is the ugly truth behind why people warn you not to fly too high.
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That's weird because we were taught the version where Icarus was imprisoned with his father and his father did warn him not to fly too low.

Yeah, nah, he just wasn't taught the whole myth...

Abso-bloody-lutely! Exactly how those looking for enlightenment is understanding this

Bill Gets icarus 😯

Michelle Owen haha Icarus 😃

Adam Joseph what we were talking about the other day x

Zoe O'Neill dare to fly ....

Jon At CareFell industrialists and public schools 🧐

Kris Hayden, interesting conversation topic!

Chantal Cassini-Jones watch this

Baljit Singh Sukhminder Kooner Simranjeet Singh

Justin Hunt

Vicky O'Sullivan

Sara Clarke

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