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3 days ago


Hope this is still being shared with the kids! X ...

Hope this is still being shared with the kids! X

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6 this smorning at half 6 in my back lane

They say they are souls of soldiers that why you salute xx

Still salute when I see just one. Horrible habit

11 for what the fuck are all these birds doing sat on my car?

We also do this if we see one magpie to get rid of the bad luck; you have to salute it & say “Hello Mr Magpie, his Wife & his family”

Being a geordie I always remember my Gran saying this x

Always salute a Magpie when you see one. No idea why?

There is a magpie or maybe two that live in the city above a shopping complex. I watched them when I was in hospital a couple of years ago. I guess they eat out of the dumpsters.

I've said ones a wish, two's a kiss, three's a celebration. My grandad said the first and hated to see a single magpie. My friend Susan taught me the one I use.

I automatically sing ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-ag pie when I see this Teddington studios, Teddington Lock, Middlesex 🤣🤣

I told my son this he said ‘but that’s superstitious mum. Not helpful, it’s it?’🤣🤣 Also I hate the sexism. ‘How’s you’re wife’ etc. Fits too many stereotypes.

I hope its not. It ruined my life as a kid. My whole day was destined by how many magpies I saw. And it wasn't just me... All the other kids in the class were the same!

Wow never heard of any of these yet I still talk to the Magpies, I talk to all of nature including the trees and plants.

I thought it was crows? As in the band Counting Crows, they even use it in one of their songs.

I only knew up to 7. We salute them and say morning Mr magpie how's your wife today

9's a kiss and 10 is bird you must not miss

Shelby Scott see Im not crazy! And I always got told to saloutte a magpie and ask him /her where his wife is if hes alone- See im not crazy it is true!!! Just glad youve asked me several times 🙈😂 even kids do it now lol xx

I taught all my sixteen niece and nephews this when they were children and all off them to this day always say good morning mr magpie and salute them holding there collar lol

Salute or nod the head. Morning mr magpie how’s your wife and family?

When we see a single magpie, we have always said “ good morning mr magpie, have a nice day, I hope your friends and family are ok.”

With regards to the saluting one magpie in order to counteract the sorrow, anyone else heard of “See him through glass let it pass” So in other words you wouldn’t have to salute if you saw him through the window?!?!

I feel cursed if I don’t salute 😂 I’ve not told the kids about this rhyme as life’s simpler without the superstition 😂

I only ever heard up to 7 as a kid. Will try to teach my kids the whole rhyme

I’ve always, for seeing one magpie, said “morning major” 3 times, a friend of mine must touch the colour red. We all have oddities!

Yes still sing it and salute and say hello mr magpie

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4 days ago


An officer and a dog? 🙂 ...

An officer and a dog? :)

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Perhaps we should be asking why Gere looks like that dog 🧐

Stephen Webb 😂😂😂😂 an officer and a dog comment, I’m gone haha! Shitty Woman

Glad he’s going to be receiving memes of this dog now instead of...🐹 Happy Valentine’s Day to the Gere but just in case he forgot, I’ll be sending him reminders


Foxy ❤️❤️❤️

He looks like Richard gere coz he’s being walked by a Pretty woman

Vanessa Smith

Because Richard Gere’s an old dodo and the dog is far better looking😂

Richard Grrrrrr.

Awww my fuking dawg

Richard Gere in inter species paternity case pending ?

The eyes x

Hachi and richard gere love child

No I want the real thing x

Richard Grrrrrrr!

Lol it's true. Still have a thing for him as old as I am. xx

Richard Grrrrrr

Sandra Gordon you could post a pic of ‘Gary Barlow’ 😂😂

And his nose!

Hilarious! tenyleg....😂

Richard looks like our old dog Ruby too 😂😂😂😂🐶 Terry Moncaster Adéle Moncaster Leanne Elizabeth Rebeccå Jane

Same eyes


Sort of does too 😎

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1 week ago


Such beautiful music for the soul..... ...

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Andrew Stones xx

What does this song mean. Any translation?

Oh my goodness me! That was so so beautiful!!

Beautiful. Thought youd like this Laura Cousins

I'm not crying... You are 😭 Luke Evans Jane Evans

I'm DEFINITELY not crying

Cath RushtonCath isn't this beautiful

O my goodness xxxx

The soup is cold now


Very emotional.

Tilly Gakhar wow x


Love Georgian polyphony♥️


John it's their version of Jingle Bells have some respect!

Absolutely beautiful

Emma Hill

Look at the top of the post Basiani...Georgian Folk singing group. Gorgeous Georgia...

Apparently it’s a Georgian Christmas Carol. So beautiful 😍

Felicity ❤️

When you just wanna eat, and the singing starts! 🙄

Hauntingly beautiful 🌿

John Paul Speirs

I can see dirty plates on the table so maybe it's an after meal song to give thanks?

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1 week ago


Anyone else want to build or have built their own home?

Farmer builds a house for just £150 using materials he found in skips
Michael Buck, 59, used only natural materials or unwanted items to build the 'cob house' (pictured) at the bottom of his garden in the Oxfordshire countryside.

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Plenty of that in Africa, It can cost you alittle if you don't have energy.

I built a house for £ 2.50 . It was a kennel for a chihuahua, I used recycled wood.

What a pack of lies to say this was free. Free in the sense that the farmer owned the land,materials, and had friends willing to offer free labour. Put a cost on that and of course it isn’t free. To say to people with nothing that this was free implies that anyone should be able to do this for themselves. What a disgusting hateful spin the Daily Mail puts on everything.

‘He wanted to challenge the idea that paying for a house should take a lifetime’. Right. Because everyone has a spare bit of land they can just casually go and build a house on. The true cost of the house includes the price of the land. Nice house though.

Yer man, built a palace outta landfill

Looks like something from the Hobbits.

Building is the least part of it..... Its the having somewhere TO build that's the kicker

What a man , he's even got a thatched van ( see pics ) 😊 looks really cozy but there's nowhere to plug my telly in ! 😕😂

Looks like a hobbit's house. Wow.

Looks like the flinstones house

Yes a little cottage in a wood would be nice

This should be an option fir us all!

Matt WiWinsbury is this where you are headed? X

Maisie Brown x

How did he get ths planning permission for this?

My husband and I built our own cruck framed straw bail house. Sadly he died not one year after moving in to it after battling pancreatic cancer. I still live in the house and sleep in the room where he died, but it will never be finished because when I lost him I lost everything

It is the cost of the land that makes property expensive, and not the cost of materials and the building relatively.

yes built my own studio with the help of over 30 wwoofers and help xers and my friend Chris supervised. took 1 year I am so so thankful It is the most beautiful home and I never imagined I would build my own shelter like this

Did he find is land in a skip?

But councils won’t grant permission on grounds of building regs .. otherwise we’d all do it

What a beautiful wee home, built with love and attention to detail 😍😍 Might concern me with the chimney stack so near the thatched roof... Indeed I would love to spend time even a holiday there...🙂

Is love to build my own little house. But due to zoning laws I can’t. Yet the town over can build a freaking dollar tree in between residential houses. Without notifying the residents.

Erm.... building regs, planning permission, etc? We wanted to build our own but they made it so complicated and nigh on impossible. We ended up having to move away from the eco home we had originally envisaged. We’re still working on it, though have lived in it for a year!

Good on him I wish there was more I'd move in tomorrow.

I'd love to!, got a massive back garden! Just need help!. Mum wants a granny flat eco obvs 😂.

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