Into the Wild Festival news: Goats get there own back on trophy hunters!

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Goats get there own back on trophy hunters!

Wild Goat in hot water for posting a photo on Twitter of himself after killing an American trophy hunter on a remote Scottish Island.

When reached for comment, the goat explained: ‘Human population growth is causing alarming levels of planetary destruction. These kind of culls are necessary for…




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4 days ago


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Raymond - following on from your earlier post about animals in service x

Ashleigh Foreman xx

Never again,

Sweet peace xxx


Stephanie Fannyanne Bolton

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4 days ago


Into the Wild is a new kind of festival where you can feel more connected to nature, listen to great music, learn new skills, dance, sing, eat amazing food and have a great time with a like minded community of people of all ages.

Come and have a wonderful time in beautiful nature, with sublime world music, over 100 workshops, woodland theatre, choirs, woodland cinema, delicious street food stalls, survival skills, archery, fire making, fascinating talks, yoga, foraging, drumming, storytelling, dancing, choirs, award winning kids area.

All workshops, camping and music included. Just an hour from London, in amongst beautiful Summer meadows and enchanted forests of Sussex.

Its going to be epic!

Early Birds are on sale now for Into the Wild's amazing festivals.You can get them here:
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Katie Trevorrow xx

Sounds special

I need this break 👌

Anton Marcus Kosik x

Where was Tom Hardy? 😂

Looks interesting Lynne, are you going?


Thought of you two Charlie Kruse Kirstie Krust Smith

Looks good.

Karl David Lovesey Basia Lovesey are we going to this in August??? Already planning ahead

Really wanna do this with the kids next year ☺



Danny Steven Lunn

Corina Bonţe

Lisa-Marie Ball ?

Emma Jackson?

Miranda Freeman-Hamill



Darren Ball

i wish you could bring dogs to this 😣

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