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Into the Wild Festival news: Clarity & Awareness Dzogchen Summer retreat

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Into the Wild Festival news: Clarity & Awareness Dzogchen Summer retreat

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Clarity & Awareness.
Dzogchen Summer retreat

Summer Retreat with James Low
Emerson College
June 13 – 16th 2019

A weekend retreat with James Low in the beautiful grounds of Emerson College on the edge of the Ashdown forest. This is a beautiful summer retreat potentially of benefit to anyone.

A true treasure in this fleeting life.

This is a wonderful chance to take a break from the endless
distractions of life and simply be at ease, relaxed and present in the beautiful grounds of Emerson College.

James is a wonderful teacher, who shares the ancient wisdom of Dzogchen (great perfection) teachings from Tibet, in a way that is free from dogma and cultural baggage, that makes it accessible to our everyday lives. This is not self help or new age philosophy, but simply a way to meet life each moment, bringing a freedom from stress and anxiety and hopefully less neurosis.

More details of James and Dzogchen teachings on: www.simplybeing.co.uk

Most of all it is a beautiful chance to really appreciate our life right now, in this very moment.

The costs for the retreat are below (keep scrolling down).
We aim to fill up the retreat and make it accessible to everyone,
so if finance is a problem, send us an email and we can work with whatever you can afford. Teachings such as these are timeless and a beautiful treasure for both living and dying well

Clarity and equanimity in a time of provocation.

The movement of our minds often leads to disturbance in the environment around us and likewise the disturbance in our environment provokes thoughts, feelings and many hopes and fears.

Given the ever increasing rate of change it can be useful to find a space of clarity and equanimity which allows us to participate in the world with minimal judgment and reactivity. We will look at how a non dual understanding can help with this.

The weekend will offer various practices such as Meditation and simple movement.

The retreat will also offer Tai Chi, beautiful music and delicious home made vegetarian food. The price includes camping, teachings & music.

There is some accommodation in the college if you don't want to camp, to book a room contact them directly and you can find directions on this link. You can also get great local places on Air B&B.

Camping is included in the retreat price. There are proper toilets, showers and disabled access on site.

Vegetarian & Vegan (wheat free) delicious organic tasty food will be provided on site, if you would like to book food the whole package will be £60 for the whole weekend including hot drinks (you can book below).

Individual meals will be £5 & £7, let us know how many you require, you can pay on reception at arrival. The full meal package will consist of Supper Thursday, 3 meals Friday, Saturday and 2 meals Sunday, we finish after lunch.

We aim to keep Early bird tickets for the Retreat are £120/100 concession for the full 4 days. You can come along from Friday if work or other commitments are a problem. The price for this is £90. If you are arriving Friday or even Saturday you can pay on the reception for meals, when you arrive.

Camper vans are £25, please pay on arrival. We try to keep the retreats to an affordable price and wish the sharing of Dharma be available to all beings, no matter what their situation.
So if funds are low, just get in touch if you would like to arrange a donation.

​For all enquiries please email me on dejahu@me.com

Tickets available from: https://www.naturalfreedom.org/blank

The retreat starts at:

Thursday, June 13th.
Registration from 3pm.
Dinner from 6.30 – 8.
Teachings from 8 – 10.

Tai chi/ Chi Gung and Yoga from 8 -9.
Breakfast from 9- 10.
Teachings from 10 – 1 with break.
Lunch 1-3.
Teachings 3 – 6 with break.
Dinner 7.30 – 9.
Movement from 9 – 10.

Tai chi/ Chi Gung and Yoga from 8 -9.
Breakfast from 9- 10.
Teachings from 10 – 1 with break.
Lunch 1-3.
Teachings 3 – 6 with break.
Dinner 7.30 – 9.
Music from 9 – 11.

Tai chi/ Chi Gung and Yoga from 8 -9.
Breakfast from 9- 10.
Teachings from 10 – 1
Lunch 1 – 2.30.



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