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"For me, silence in nature is of the highest value. That is where I feel most at home. I believe it's possible for everyone to discover this silence within themselves.

We live in the age of noise. Silence is almost extinct.” Philosopher and adventurer Erling Kagge, the first person to reach the ‘three poles’ of North, South and the summit of Everest, explores the power of silence.

Struck by a vague angst about his constant need for distraction and reluctance to hold still for a single moment, the explorer asks how we lost silence and where we might go to find it again.

Theres this beautiful book called 'Silence' by Norwegian explorer, Erling Kagge, being shared on radio 4 "book of the week" this week. This is Chapter 2 but you can listen to the whole thing on the website.

Be quiet, be very quiet!

Book of the Week – Silence – Episode 2 – BBC Sounds

In an attempt to be more present in his own life, Erling Kagge goes in search of silence.



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Cant get onto the site... and webpage tells u everything except prices... which is a very important factor in whether people can go or not... WHY are they so elusive about the price???

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When it says ticket ‘includes camping’ what does that mean specifically?

Tom O'Brien I always look at this... are you up for it?

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Hiw much are the early birds?

Juliette Ruth Easter Ian Day ... is this the one u did last year?

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David Clamp maybe an idea for next year

One day Dorcia Bowden-Noble & Paul Bowden-Noble !!xx

Keith McGibbon interesting eh?

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Arija McGrandle next year? X

Katie Archer fancy this all of us?

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