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Birds fly by,
In the vast blue sky,
Yet leave no trace,
Just like thoughts
in the sky like mind!

Friends gather,
Like clouds
Arising and passing,
Dream like beings,
In their splendour

Simply seeing,
Always forever,
This exquisite moment
Is all there is.

As it is!

Osprey image by "Chen Chenguan'



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9 million folk in the UK alone, who experience loneliness, char to someone new today, you could make a friend for

Power of Positivity
Small moments can make a huge difference!
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I asked 3 people for directions the other day and got looked at like I was a freak. The world is becoming a sad place 😢

When the guy said ‘nobody talks to me, I’m old” it certainly resonated. People don’t talk to old people and they have such interesting stories. I always try and have a laugh with people.

I find people always talk to me and end up telling me their life story. I always listen. Honestly, whether it's a cashier in a shop, someone waiting in a queue or just someone sat at the next table in a cafe. I must have one of those faces :-)

I'll talk to anyone tbh, but find that it's rare that people dont engage with me

I like to pick and choose. Some days I'll talk to anyone ie say hello, talk to other mums at school run. Other days I don't want to talk to anyone. It's nothing personal it's just how I am

Love this.

I love a good chat! A lovely little video to raise awareness.

I chatted to 2 people today while I sat and had my lunch 😊 I talk to anyone 😂

I very lonely

connection is missing in our society!

I do love to connect

I always talk to people!!

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