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In case you missed it: Metallica, Jamie T, Pierce The Veil, Refused, Wilkinson (…

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In case you missed it: Metallica, Jamie T, Pierce The Veil, Refused, Wilkinson (…

In case you missed it: Metallica, Jamie T, Pierce The Veil, Refused, Wilkinson (Live), Run The Jewels and Manchester Orchestra announced for Reading 2015 po.st/Randl15spotify



23 Responses

  1. Daniel Phillips says:

    Get some more people along like Metallica such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath or anyone aweesome as that 😀

  2. Jack Hardiman says:

    Next announcement please!

  3. Izzie Dyer says:

    Tell us something decent!

  4. Jack Hargreaves says:

    Lars Ulrich (Metallica): “Reading & Leeds for the fourth time. We are practically the house band!”.

    Enter Shikari: “Bitch please”.

  5. James Morgan says:

    Will be going just to see Metallica!

  6. Kit Chumz says:

    More metal pls.

  7. Immy Rooney says:

    Helena Murray Mia Nevile we need to actually get tickets asap and get this sorted 💁

  8. Katie Mula says:

    Wah I wish metallica played 2014 🙁

  9. Andy Millward says:

    This status makes me horny…

  10. Bex Slade says:

    Anyone slating Metallica, you really need to fuck off to V Festival. Bring back rock!

  11. Lydia Balmer-Leonard says:

    When’s the next announcement going to be ? (Roughly)

  12. Karlijn van der Ende says:


  13. Josh Barker says:

    Pete Ferris, quit being a little bitch

  14. Craig Mace says:

    Never been to reading fest been download and sonisphere fest and it’s weird reading is 20 mins down road from me but the second you announced Metallica my tickets got brought thank you reading fest

  15. Jack Hamilton says:

    Who are metallica never heard of them. Why don’t you get someone decent like Justin bieber or 1d they are what real music is about.

  16. Duncan Mummery says:

    Charlotte …Metallica

  17. Sam Stevenson says:

    Are Metallica playing? Are they headlining? Have they got a new album out or something? They are really old rofl!

  18. Mathew Gabriel says:

    Nobody missed it. They just didn’t care.

  19. Findlay Hewitson says:

    Michael Fucking, Metallica… we have to go

  20. Michael Dunwell says:

    Findlay Hewitson hell yeah

  21. Dajai Elisha Walker says:

    when will the next acts be announced?????

  22. Samantha Howard says:

    Fucking yes ! 🙂 excuse my language im a little fecking excited !

  23. Mathias Hampson says:

    Bryan Reid a better picture for you.

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