Heartland Festival news: We are proud to present Sound Stage by the magic tree. On the “stage” you will f…

Latest update from Heartland Festival:

We are proud to present Sound Stage by the magic tree. On the “stage” you will find a curated program of podcasts made by award-winning podcast producers as well as well-kept secrets. You can listen to amazing tales and wild stories while enjoying the wonderful views of Egeskov Castle and the park. The program includes a selection of B&O PLAY/Bang & Olufsen’s Sounds Matters and episodes of podcasts such as 99% Invisible, Song Exploder, Benjamin Walker’s Theory Of Everything, Reply all, The Light In The Attic, Here Be Monsters, Lost Notes, Unfictional, Bookworm, Cargoland and many more. See the full Sound Stage program on our website: https://bit.ly/2GTCTR5

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The Heartland Temporary program showcases contemporary art in the historical setting of Egeskov Castle. kunsten.nu did this video on how the Heartland guests experienced the exhibition.

Hvordan oplevede gæsterne på Heartland Festival kunsten, der omgav dem? 🎬

Vi mødte dem under solen ved de fire værker af Marie Thams, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Ditte Gantriis og Kirsten Astrup. ☀️☀️☀️☀️
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Jeppe Lysbeck Lundby

2 weeks ago

Heartland Festival

Oven på en fantastisk festival er det blevet tid til at evaluere. Undersøgelsen har til formål at skabe indblik i Heartlands gæsters præferencer i forbindelse med festivalen. Vi sætter virkelig pris på alle besvarelser, som anvendes til kontinuerligt at forbedre Heartland.

Link til undersøgelse: www.survey-xact.dk/LinkCollector?key=1T743DAV9696&b_1=3.0

Undersøgelsen tager cirka 6 - 8 minutter at gennemføre. Som tak for hjælpen deltager alle, der gennemfører undersøgelsen, i en konkurrence om 2x2 billetter til Heartland næste år. Vinderne vil få direkte besked.

This survey aims to provide insight into the preferences of the guests regarding Heartland. We really appreciate all the answers that are used to continuously improve Heartland.

Link to survey: www.survey-xact.dk/LinkCollector?key=1T743DAV9696&b_1=3.0

The study takes approximately 6 - 8 minutes to complete. You can switch between Danish and English in the bottom of the survey.

As a thank you for the help, everyone who completes the survey participates in a competition, where you can win 2x2 tickets to Heartland 2019. Winners will be notified directly.
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Done 🙌

Kan ikke komme ind og besvare

Anette Asp Christensen

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