Hampton Court Festival news : Lionel’s UK Playlist, a playlist by Lionel Richie on Spotify

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Ahead of returning to the UK for his long awaited summer tour, Lionel Richie has created a Spotify playlist to celebrate some of his favourite British music including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Stormzy and Dua Lipa. Have a listen and get ready to see him at the Palace this June!

Last remaining General Admission tickets available for 9th June…book now to avoid disappointment.


Lionel’s UK Playlist, a playlist by Lionel Richie on Spotify

I’ll be listening to this playlist as I get ready to come back to the UK and visit venues in parts of the country I’ve never explored before! UK SUMMER TOUR TICKETS & INFO

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Our pre-sale tickets for Kylie sold out in record time today! If you missed out, general tickets for both dates will be on sale tomorrow at 9am. Please be aware that we have seen a high demand so these are expected to sell very quickly - set your alarms! 💪 ... See MoreSee Less

Our pre-sale tickets for Kylie sold out in record time today! If you missed out, general tickets for both dates will be on sale tomorrow at 9am. Please be aware that we have seen a high demand so these are expected to sell very quickly - set your alarms! 💪


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Wendy English, Lady Claire Thomson, boy were we lucky!!!

I had selected 3 champagne tickets for row B three times at 9:00am and got kicked out three times then said tickets no longer available! Annoyed is an understatement as I’ve been going to HCP events for a few years now and have never had this nonsense happen before !

Absolute joke. We lost 4 sets of tickets today due to your appalling system! Presale!!!! Be warned for tomorrow😡

I wasted over 90 minutes this morning, I selected seats 3 times but it wouldn't proceed. Got one message that I couldn't leave 1 seat spare which is a joke. I only wanted 2 tickets, but computer said no I had to buy 1 or 3! Awful experience this morning

Is there any point if your it infrastructure can’t cope don’t want to waste another 2 hours

Could not even get into the site to pick seats and have been going for years.

I had tickets reserved 5 times and couldn’t pay for them!!! Very disappointed!

Hampton Court Palace FestivalTotal shambles with trying to book today, no communication from your marketing team on the timing of the presale today either. Basic marketing. And your website management was shocking. Maybe HCP needs another event management company .

Lets hope your IT system performs better than today! Total shambles


That was the worst presale ever. Of any concert. It was absolutely terrible.

I just can’t get you out of my head! Nightmare booking process but with a happy end! See you Kylie!

Iona Ovenell

Anusha Fernando-Barnes, Nicci Worthington Sally Iddles

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We are experiencing extremely high demand for the Kylie pre-sale. We apologise for anyone having difficulties getting tickets on our website, this is due to high volumes of traffic. Please persevere, but if you miss out today - general tickets will be on sale tomorrow at 9am. Thank you- HCPF Team x ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you for your patience everyone - we respect your comments. We are processing bookings as quickly as we can. Due to exceptional volumes of traffic there are delays on our website. Thanks.

At £9 per ticket booking fee (and even more for the £100+ tickets) you really should have decent IT !

How is tomorrow going to be any different? Are you going to upgrade your poor IT infrastructure overnight?

I’ve now spooled and re-tried ten times for an hour, why don’t ticket companies anticipate high demand and have the system in place. The tickets were listed on the payment list and then a note comes through to say no longer there. Surely if tickets are in your cart no one else should be able to buy them....hmmmm

I am furious, and so frustrated. I have been trying since 10am, have managed to select seats on numerous occasions, only then to be told that they are no longer available, or for the system to freeze or to crash. Having really appreciated the gesture of the pre-sale, I now feel that I have completely wasted my morning, and have absolutely no confidence that tomorrow can be anything other than a farce. Please, please show some respect to those of us who have spent so long trying today.

Tickets selected 😀............. then crashed 😩. Been going round in circles for hour and a half!

Absolutely disgusting this is 2018!!! Managed to select tickets on 5 occasions and each time the system crashed!! Biggest bunch of disorganised idiots!!! Surely you would have realised the potential demands!!!

Sorry Hampton Court Palace Festival but the high demand should have been anticipated and IT systems/infrastructure put in place to cope ! Really bad showing on your side !! It will be even worse tomorrow so that's no consolation. That post basically reads...we will sell them anyway so we don't give a crap!

why don't offer a Best Available facility like Ticketmaster? if you can't handle your IT then had the ticket sales over to a company that can!

I have selected 3 tickets on about 8 occasions then it freezes. Now can’t access the site at all. Appalling service.

I started trying at 10.00am and didn’t manage to even get tickets in my basket! Not looking forward to tomorrow’s fiasco

Ridiculous farce, can't even get on the site, takes longer to log in than it did to actually buy Elton John tickets. Tomorrow will be worse with few tickets left so doubt it's worth the effort when the site just crashes - don't book big names if you don't have the capability to sell tickets efficiently.

I’m starting to hate Kylie 😡

I had to give up in the end No tickets and two hours wasted.

Has anyone actually managed to get tickets yet ???

How can it possibly be any better at 9am tomorrow ? Surely the demand will be more ?

Selected tickets on 20 occasions, crashed out, lost tickets. Actually got through to next stage twice and payment stage twice only to enter all my details including credit card , click next and get crashed out again. Very disappointed and angry at the waste of time and shocking website. How can it be this hard ? And what had happened to my personal details that have been entered and “lost” - do I need to cancel my credit card ? 😡

I had to tell my daughter I couldn’t get her Kylie tickets after I spent all morning on line almost getting tickets then it crashed!! So disappointing.....a morning wasted and one very upset daughter 😡

HCPS have decent seats been held back for tomorrow?

Maybe learn from Harry Potter ticket sales where you pre-register and then get an assigned place in the queue...

Just managed to get two tickets that suddenly appeared right at the front... super excited 🙂

after 2 hours of trying I finally managed to get my tickets, thank you Hampton Court Palace Festival. Looking forward to see KYLIE at your lovely venue next year! <3

Ditto - 3 different pairs of tickets over last hour and crashed each time 😞 going to be total lottery tomorrow ...

You can call and get tickets

Amazingly, it seems to be getting even worse, not better! Please sort this out. I've now "lost" 6 sets of tickets!!!!

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