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BIG Line Up Announcement | It Came From The Sea ...

Grinagog news : BIG Line Up Announcement | It Came From The Sea …

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BIG Line Up Announcement | It Came From The Sea 😲😲😲

The legend of the Grinagog runs deep in Devon. With hundreds of sightings off the coast of Torquay, conspiracy theorists and cult followers alike agree that this ancient sea creature and its associated tidal wave of live music, DJs and inspiration will arrive back on our shores from the 20-22 April 2018. It Came From The Sea and we invite you to start the festival season in style. Join us as we beckon the Grinagog and release our BIGGEST line up announcement yet… you’ll have to watch for the BIG reveal! And don’t forget, it’s limited tickets, so make sure you snap yours up today: https://www.grinagogfestival.com

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3 days ago

Grinagog Festival

*** ARTIST APPRECIATION *** PERFORMING FRIDAY 27TH JOE FREEZE: I started DJing in 1988, learning to scratch by copying what I heard on the hip hop tunes of the moment (stuff like Schoolly D, Jazzy Jeff, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Ultramagnetic MCs) . I started playing out in clubs and free parties in 1991, energised by the growing dance scene which took the UK by storm in the early 90s. I'm a diverse DJ and am comfortable playing anything from Funk, soul and hip hop to house or techno or even ambient chilled beats. Hell, I'll even play classic rock or 80s synth pop if I'm doing a party for someone. It's great fun to mix that into a set. Given the choice, I like to play as long a set as possible as then I can really play across genres. Shorter sets do seem to be the norm these days and that can be restrictive, especially if it's in the main room or a club where you're a slave to the dancefloor. For that reason, bars and festivals are often what I favour as I get older and my tastes continue to diversify. I still like playing vinyl now and then, but I generally play via a laptop and controller now, simply because it's more portable. You can also do things like looping, sampling and FX which you can't do as easily on vinyl. Technology has changed DJing and made it more accessible to a lot more people, so it's even more important as a working DJ to embrace that technology and use it to push your skills to the next level. Most important of all, I still enjoy playing out to a crowd. As long as people are still there to listen to me, I'll still be doing it. Catch Joe Freeze do his thing friday 27th at Bayview Festival. Get cash tickets from Coffee & Vinyl online tickets @ www.bayviewfestival.co.uk. click " going " on Bayview Festival 2019 - The Spanish Barn for updates and information. See you at the barn not the farm. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Grinagog Festival

3️⃣ weeks today until Bayview Festival comes to Torbay.

Watch this ⬇️ short video to find out more about the festival.

Get your tickets via: www.bayviewfestival.co.uk/

Bayview Festival
We would like to give you a quick tour of this years venue, The Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey Museum... Don't forget the fofficial pre-party is tomorrow at One World Cafe (Bayview Pre Party - One World Cafe 6/9/19) Shout out Chris Kenny @ Church Thatch for sponsoring us and putting up our artists traveling to the bay. Only 3 weeks to go! Early Bird Tickets SOLD OUT Cash Tickets @ Coffee & Vinyl Online Tickets @ www.bayviewfestival.co.uk
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