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Greenbelt news : stbiabdulrehmanmaliktrailer

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Greenbelt news : stbiabdulrehmanmaliktrailer


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This week Katherine and Paul welcome the ever-inspiring Muslim thinker, writer and Yale Divinity School lecturer, Abdul-Rehman Malik. We brew up a conversation about food, drink and spirituality, and how slowing down to enjoy the ritual of making coffee can have a positive impact on your well-being.

Abdul-Rehman, our unofficial spiritual guide and guru, tells us about the challenges and benefits of observing Ramadan during lockdown this year, as well as how this unusual time has been a great catalyst for change. Meanwhile, Katherine and Paul discuss why Greenbelt Festival made the decision to work more closely with Muslim communities in the UK after 9/11. And, perhaps most importantly of all, we find out if Katherine is a morning or evening person (spoiler alert: her answer may surprise you).


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